Xbox One Launch Thread [Thread being archived 1/1/14]


Sailor Stevenson
I'm so sad my XB1 is going to sit at my office for a week while I'm home for Thanksgiving.

So excited to have one at home finally. The TV integration and snapping and app stuff is going to be amazing.

Beautiful OT.

The Xbox One has been a roller coaster, but I think it's ended up in a really solid position for launch. Great portfolio of launch exclusives, multi-platforms and future exclusives look great (I've played Titanfall at PAX; believe the hype).

Going to be interesting to see how the ID@Xbox program works out. The machines we're all getting next week can be dev kits as well as our game machines, so I expect that there will be a huge amount of indie games hopefully by the end of next year.

I'm also really excited for what MS will do with the OS. I know that 5 years from now it will look very different to what we have today. That's one thing MS nailed for current gen, and I hope they expand that further with next-gen.

Let next-gen begin!
Dumb question, but what are the icons in the upper left? I know that's where the gamertags go, but does that mean there's actually four people/profiles logged in right there?