Xbox One Launch Thread [Thread being archived 1/1/14]


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had the xb1 since launch, love it, using voice commands and snap all the time now and it just feels so natural, this is the future and once the bugs and a few updates come out the whole package will be hard to keep away from.


I used the audio sync issues as my rationale for buying a new receiver :) I'll just use the PS4 for now. I'm to much of an audio snob to not notice.


Anyone notice any audio sync issues when playing a movie?
Blu-ray related?

I would never use a console as my DVD/Blu-ray player. With 3 blu-ray players in the house I've made sure our consoles never get that extra wear and tear.

I purposely avoid the added heat and vibration.


And the winner of best launch exclusive goes to, Forza 5. What an accomplishment. Such a great game to experience in all of its glory.
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