Your hopes for Breath of the Wild 2?


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More enemy variety with smarter enemies.

better boss fights

more complex combat system

rewarding exploration

no breakable weapon system

more challenge outside of the first 5 hours.

good ass dungeons

not every gadget or exciting stuff in the first 10 hours of a possible 100 hours game

better control scheme\inventory

not having to beat 30 shrines to give link more stamina than a 90 years old.

a dedicated roll\evade button when not locked to an enemy

let me drink the potions in real time instead of cheating the game from the pause menu.

more varied shrines

Less shitty sidequest

More interesting story\chara
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I want to be able to downstab on enemies dropping in off my hang glider. Also Pegasus grips to climb walls fast like a spider and magnetic for sensing ores to refine my weapons.


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A game that actually invests in its gameplay and worldbuilding instead of relying on "It's Zelda. . .but in an open world!"


Hi all!

E3 is approaching and I dont think i've been as hyped as I am now since Nintendos 2017 January presentation. Since then i've sold my launch base Switch model after several joy cons that were drifting, and cracks on the backplate due to heating. The ever lasting rumor involving a Switch Pro has me excited for problems like I had with my Switch to be Iron out, hopefully. With a new console, a new Zelda game to be launched with it, is highly likely I would say.

Breath of the Wild for me was a magnificent experience which goes beyond gaming. The game is pure art for me, and the amount of hours (200), is something i've never had in any game that I can recall. Although I adore Breath of the Wild, its not a perfect game by no means. It has flaws that I hope gets fixed in the sequel.

So, heres my hopes for the sequel:

1. Variety: Not just in enemies and bosses, which was lacking in the original game, but also environment. We had the typical Zelda enviroments like the desert, forest, water etc. We've been through that in the first game, so I think it would be cool to see something unexpected. It looks like we get to explore caverns and such in the sequel, but more cool areas like underwater exploration and such would be nice.

2. Story: The story arc in the first game was okay, but nothing too exciting and I couldn't get invested in the story or characters. Maybe the reason was the voice acting, or just an underwhelming story. I would like a story that involves a more personal connection with both Zelda and Ganondorf, like in Ocarina of Time. More side quests like Tarrey Town would be nice aswell.

3. Crafting. Not a huge deal for me, cause I rarely used the cooking pot, but maybe it was because of the non existing crafting in the game? If they can come up with a more advance crafting system, then maybe it would make the game more challenging and rewarding. Like, if you want to explore a cave or dungeon, you have to craft the materials to enter the dungeon or craft an item to let you advance further or something.

4. Soundtrack: This is also not a huge deal for me personally, but i've seen people talking about it. I like the calm soundtrack with nature sounds on Breath of the Wild, but having a orchestrated soundtrack throughout the game, like in Skyward Sword, would be epic, I have to say. Having a Hyrule field theme and Zeldas lullaby would be cool, but it has to work within the story and the athmosphere they're going for in the sequel.

Thats my hopes for the sequel that I can think of. Feel free to comment what hopes you guys have, would be interesting to read.


-No more breaking weapons!
-Animal companions you can decide to take with you(mounts don't apply here).
-More dynamic weather variation.
-Total revamp of UI. That the game started on the Wii U(with the touch pad) was obvious and IMO didn't lend itself well to the Switch. And yes, I know the Switch can be touch screen
but I never use that feature. Too many "pages" of UI.
-Some type of online implementation that could trigger "world events", certain quest lines, changing of/celebration of seasons-Halloween, Christmas, etc
-Real time location day/night feature(optional to turn on/off at any time if you want). If it's night time and you're in Japan, it's night in the game. Day light in the Europe, day light in the game, etc.
-In game "mail box" that Nintendo can send you goodies ala like Animal Crossing can do.
Bigger cheeks I'd say.

link needs more boobage too.

Cutty Flam

In the N64 Zelda games, every item you got mattered in some way

Each one was neat to look at in the inventory screen, and each item had its uses once acquired. Items haven't seemed special in that way since The Wind Waker (2003)

That's another hope I have for BOTW's sequel


Everyone that wants to change this game has other games that are exactly like they describe.

I want it to be a divisive and love it or hate it game like the first.
8 plus dungeons with unique gameplay element in each. Failure to satiate this threshold will result in the greatest injustice in the history of man the likes of which youve never seen. Believe me.
I want even more emphasis on nature and exploration and running through rivers and small details. Lots of cute trees, small animals. Tons and tons and tons of green to run around in and hide in forever. Lots of flowers and cloudy skies. Autumnal areas. Just make it more like studio Ghibli stuff with a focus on nature and the world and small creatures. Basically autumnal afternoon japanese simulator, seasons simulator and getting lost in the quiet countryside forgetting everything and living like you're in a dream. That was the best thing about the original botw anyways, the combat and collecting stuff was boring. I want weird NPC interactions too, add in some weird stuff to make it more mother-like as well. Zelda is old and stale


- more enemy variety
- more permatools and elemental interactions
- don't listen to guys that ask for durability to be removed without understanding the consequences on the gameplay loop
- more proper dungeons, maybe some optional ones as well where you can get optional useful tools, like the hookshot that was canned from the first one but it's ok if it's optional and at the end of an huge quest or smt.
-more relevant place to explore...botw had a lot of its taste from the desolation, but there should have definitely have been more special places and more rewards for exploration instead of a random temple
- a decent final boss, if the game will be all prep time for it like botw, i want the battle to be of epic proportions

probably something else that doesn't come to mind now..loved the game but had a lot of flaws
The combat in BOTW was its weakest aspect, by far. They need to really look at this part of the game - which ties directly into weapon degradation, enemy variety, and health management. All were very bad in BOTW.
The exploration in BOTW was excellent, they just need to expand on that. Add more to do, less shrines and more "shrine" challenges in the real world, more NPC's with actual quests with rewarding incentives and gear.

I'm looking forward to it, but for me BOTW fell a bit short, I'd say it's an 8/10 game
Double down on what made BOTW stand out from the otherwise mind-numbing waste of time known as the "open world" genre.

- Keep the breaking weapons, to defy all concepts of collecting loot or completionism
- Kill all explicit "quest" tracking and lists of tasks & their statuses; let all tasks be implicit, never marked
- retain a focus on free exploration, remove every bit of heavy story-telling that you can, and then remove some more


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- No fucking breakable weapons. Given them some sort of energy like the master sword if you want to encourage people to use multiple weapons, or have them break after some time but let me repair them for cheap. Maybe have some system where if you find duplicates you can merge them to make them stronger or something like that.
- Real dungeons. Keep the shrines but also have 3-4 actual, big dungeons.
- Don't give me so many skills at the beginning. I actually liked the idea of going to a dungeon --> Getting a new item --> Solving puzzles with this new Items --> Maybe fighting a boss with some mechanic related to the item
- Give me some item to climb during rain or at least some alternative traversal option so I don't have to stand there waiting for the rain to pass.
- More enemy variety and less colored variants of the same enemies
- And just double down on what made the original fun. The sense of exploration and the fun ways to interact with the world.
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Ulysses 31

Dungeons with key items that open up new areas.
Useful weapon techniques for each weapon type hidden in the world.
Way more visual variety in shrines this time if they're going to re-use them.
Ways to increase weapon durability
Underground areas to explore, caves in mountains.
Heavely tone down this haze effect, makes it look like there's a lot of dust in the air, dulling the colors.

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That it doesn't look like BoTW? I guess I'm screwed there. Hopefully they will at least revamp/relax the weapon breaking crap.

I know it's just a game but in the real world, when I strike a raging crack zombie with a crowbar, that crowbar will not break even after striking said raging crack zombie one million times.


Boot up Genshin Impact on PS5 or XSX or PC, how I wish BOTW2 could rival that with the art style BOTW/2 has it could look glorious.
-Dungeons: At least 12 full-blown dungeons with puzzles, mini-bosses, and key items that Link will take with him outside and use to traverse and solve puzzles in the overworld

- Key Items: Mentioned above, Zelda needs its key items. It really hurt BotW that all the puzzles and traversal were made with only the slate and glider (both of which you got at the very beginning of the game, so you knew what to expect after the first hour of playing the game). It was too limiting and the shrines/traversal got stale after the first 20 hours.

-Populated Map: The Map in BotW is way too big for the amount of content it had. There was a big map to explore, but after exploring for a few hours you realized there are only three things to find: enemy camps, shrines, and golden turds. That's it. Exploration is so pointless if there is nothing to discover. Populate the map with ruins, caves, and even environmental puzzles that change the map in some way to help traversal or new settlements for NPCs. DO SOMETHING with that huge map!

-Music: I barely remember the music in BotW. The minimalist style probably seemed like a great idea at the time, but did not age that well. Looking back there isn't a track that I can recall during a big moment in the game. There were barely any "big moments" in BotW, anyways. Except maybe stumbling on the Master Sword. Don't even remember if there was a song playing when that happened. This is Zelda we are talking about! Some of the greatest video game music of all time comes from Zelda! I was so underwhelmed by the BotW OST.

-Story: Those stone tables you can find sprinkled through the perimeter of Zora's Domain were so cool to discover and read. Since that was the first place I explored, I thought it would be like that for the other areas as well, but I didn't come across any of that at all. It was such a missed opportunity. Same with the side quests and NPCs. Everything felt so disconnected from the world. Some random NPC wants mushrooms.....that is it. That is the whole quest. Wow! Fantastic!

-Enemy Diversity: I mean, it is Zelda. There are dozens of enemies they can use from previous titles. You don't even have to make new ones. Part of the charm of Zelda was going to a new location with its own enemies to defeat. Whether it was snow, desert, or plains, all the enemies were the same in BotW. Again, it just kills the excitement of exploration if you only find the same things over and over again.

I think this list hits the most important things for me when it comes to BotW2. If they hit two or three of the issues above, I will be pleasantly surprised.


I loved the gameplay of Breath of the Wild so much that most of my desires are mostly superficial.

Much higher fidelity world geometry and world textures - this should be possible as the first game was ultimately a Wii U port
Haze and ambient filters turned down or off

Must be integrated better into the game, and can't take place through flashbacks again
Either vastly improved voice acting or no voice acting - the voice acting in BotW was simply horrid

Level design:
A whole brand new map that ISN'T hyrule
Some proper Zelda dungeons
A whole new set of enemies so that it doesn't feel like we're playing BotW all over again

Proper hard mode, not the bullshit they sold us in the DLC
Can't stop time to eat / heal


Be an actual zelda game.
Dungeons, viable USEFUL equipment, dungeon bosses.

Basically A link to the past open 3d world edition.


Whatever I want or expect will definitely NOT be in the game.

Not counting the portable games, every Zelda entry has been completely unexpected. The main character might be Zelda who has turned into a unicorn saving Link from a new villan.


I really enjoyed BOTW for the most part, but there were some headaches that should be fixed for the next one.

1. Much longer weapon durability, and a mechanic for repairs.
2. Greater map density for NPC's, tasks/quests, and enemies.
3. Ditch the flashbacks for a more straight forward story and improve the voice acting
4. Refined combat system that better rewards creativity and precision.


Double down on what made BOTW stand out from the otherwise mind-numbing waste of time known as the "open world" genre.

- Keep the breaking weapons, to defy all concepts of collecting loot or completionism
- Kill all explicit "quest" tracking and lists of tasks & their statuses; let all tasks be implicit, never marked
- retain a focus on free exploration, remove every bit of heavy story-telling that you can, and then remove some more
second part sounds terrible for anyone that cannot afford to play a game consistently over a short period of time....come back after a while and you have no idea what to do , whhat has been done and is yet to do
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