Yukes acquires Lingerie Football league licence

Yukes has announced along with the LFL it has acquired the rights to a video game version of Lingerie Football.

For those who don't know Yukes is responsible for a lot of the WWE games from THQ, Rumble Roses and UFC Undisputed to name just a few.

LAS VEGAS (June 14, 2012/LFL360.com) – Officials from ‘US’ fastest growing sports league’ (BusinessWeek), Lingerie Football League, LLC. (or ‘LFL’) announced moments ago that the LFL has teamed with Osaka, Japan based Yuke’s Co. Ltd to design and develop the official LFL gaming platforms.

Yuke’s is a leading video game developer, having produced popular sports game franchise such as ‘Undisputed’ for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC and ‘Smackdown!’ for World Wrestling Entertainment. “As a leading sports and entertainment focused company, we have to keep a pulse on what is the next big franchis. We at YUKE’S feel that there is incredible momentum building behind the LFL and that the sport is perfectly positioned to become the next big franchise in the gaming world,” said Yukinori Taniguchi, CEO, Yuke’s Co., Ltd.

Yuke’s and the LFL will go into design and development of the official LFL gaming platforms with a focus on capturing the essence of the intensity, speed, beauty and on-the-field action of LFL Football. The core global fan base of the LFL, which consists of nearly 60-percent Men, 18-34, perfectly aligns with the gaming world’s target market.
at first I was hyped, but then I realized they mean the american football game and not the real football :(
Regardless of your opinions on the sports themselves, which would you rather see attractive women in lingerie do: Kick a ball around, or jump all over each other?
"Lingerie football"

I'm glad humanity has come to this.

Now if the field could be made of Sauerkraut, I'd say that our journey to perfection has finally ended.
Yukes is certainly cornering the market on sports entertainment. The Lingerie Football League game can't seriously be a $60 game. If it ever comes to fruition, it should be an XBLA/PSN title.