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Zelda TotK has Nintendo's biggest ever launch week sales in France at retail (500k physical only)


The last official figure is 155 million by Sony, however they didn't report the final FY that the PS2 was on sale. We did get numbers of 16.5 million for PS3+PS2 for FY 12/13. Based on the PS3 lifetime sales and FY 13/14 and FY 14/15 sales which we did get numbers for i'm confident that the 16.5 million was split 12.8m PS3 and 3.7m PS2. so that would mean 155+3.7 = 158.7 million for PS2. Anything under 158.5 million or over 159 million doesn't make sense because it would mean the PS3 would'nt line up with it's final tally of 87.4 million.
I'm not going to lie, the sadist in me hopes that the Switch's lifetime sales end up somewhere between 155 and 160 million just so the arguments about which system is the all-time best seller never end.
Was not expecting America to frontload Zelda that high. But it does make me wonder how much it's going to sell going forward. I don't see it surpassing the first games LTD.
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