Zone of the Enders HD Edition - PS3 Patch date and JP re-release announced


No details for the rest of the world yet, but they've announced today that the "The Best" version of ZoE HD Edition for PS3 will hit stores on July 25 2013. This is the same date the PS3 patch will go live, with "various performance improvements". The price for the retail re-release is 2480yen. The download version will be discounted to 1980yen on PSN, and for those who only want ZoE or ZoE2, the individual games can be purchased for 1000yen each.
God I hope we get this re-released in NA.

The quality of the ports was so bad that I had to boycott the collection even though I love Z.O.E.

I'm really curious to see how big of an improvement this is going to end up being. Is 60 fps even worth hoping for?

Are they going to make the game look closer to the PS2 version? Some of the effects on the PS3 version looked worse or were missing entirely.
I'm happy that they're releasing the patch, but sad that the game shipped as is. I guess the people behind the amazing MGS HD collection were too busy to work that magic for Zone of the Enders :(

It is funny to see the people who claimed the game ran 'just fine' though. When I fired up the PS3 version of ZoE2 and got slowdown in the training mode (without moving, just floating in place staring at the practice target), I knew the collection was going to be awful. When more powerful consoles can't even run ZoE 1 at close to 60 fps like the PS2 version was, you know something's up.
Hopefully it eventually makes it's way to the west. Wasn't in any rush to play it due to the issues, not that I remember a lot of my original PS2 experience other than it being awesome.

Could bode well for something ZOE at E3, maybe.
Those artbooks with the jp LE were enough for me.
Got the 360 version which I hear is less buggy than the PS3 version, but still would like a patch for the 360.
That awesome that they did this. If it works.

I've seen it posted several times on GAF that you can't fix framerate issues via patch. Let's see who's right.
I really hope it is significantly improved.

I'm one of the biggest ZoE fans in the world and I couldn't even finish the ports.
I mean they aren't quite at unplayable level but they are very damn close...
This, similar to how the original version with the MGR demo was rated M but versions without the demo are rated T.
The original ZOE2 on PS2 was still rated M even without a Metal Gear demo to account for, though. Still, pretty sure the no MGR demo thing is the reason for the disparity in the case of the CERO rating.
That doesn't mean there isn't some sort of statement or preview showing off how well it works.
We currently have very little details regarding what the patch actually does. What we know so far is that on one of the previous Kojima Productions podcasts in Japanese, they announced that they were working hard at improving the performance of the PS3 version substantially. After that there was no news until now, with the patch being dated.


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I didn't buy after having read how 'mediocre' the HD collection was on RFD.
Hopefully they will do a greatest hits version in North America.
I already played both for the first time on my PS3. The 1st game is terrible but the 2nd one was AMAZING.

If this is real 60fps then I'll so play 2nd runner again with the NG+


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I liked ZOE a ton even though I bought it for the MGS2 demo.

Never played the second, I would love to play this but I am still holding out a meager hope for a Vita version. If E3 passes with no word I may just fold and buy the PS3 version so I can see what the fuss with 2 was about.


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I didn't hate the original PS3 version, even though I have the originals and know where it is lacking. This can only go up for me.

I think we can expect 360 parity at least?

I do not expect 60fps at all. No way. Would love to be wrong.
So do we now know if the games will be rereleased on disc in the west ? As much as I appreciate its existence, I'm not interested in patches. I want my games to be future-proof.


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Good on Kojima for taking the time to make sure shitty developers don't tarnish the legacy of his games.


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Yes but it's still shit:


The first HD collection had great cover art.

"The Best" versions usually have bad cover art post MGS3.

So I take it the patch isn't worldwide?
Highly likely. It'll be like what happened with the MGS4 trophy patch though I doubt they'll re- release disc based versions for North America or PAL regions.

What are the chances of the Japanese "Best of" version having English support?