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(04-02-2008, 05:29 PM)
When the BC-less 40GB model was announced some of the Gaf community wondered what would happen to their BC models when they broke.

Well the future is now.

1.5 month ago I sent in my 60GB PS3 to repair (Europe), now that I've called with Sony what's taking them so long all I heard on the phone was:

"Sorry we don't have any stock of the 60GB left and we don't know when a shipment will arrive to replace your unit. Call back in 2/4 weeks for an update."

By that time my PS3 will be gone 2/2.5 months, with no dates as to when I will have one back home. So fellow BC PS3 owners, pray that your unit won't die, because if it does, you may be console less for a couple of months.

GTA4? Maybe not for me.