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I did a little research and found a few reviews. Don't know if this has been posted yet. Sorry i don't have all the links to the reviews. This information is from a german Witcher fan forum.



+ well thought, mature story
+ nonlinearity - story branching points can be counted in tens
+ great, humorous dialogues
+ dynamic combat
+ perfect audio-visuals
+ will last for a long time

- stealth sequences
- (slightly dissapointing) ending

There are 2 things about the ending. One- I can't wait, what happens next (the end definitely suggests a sequel). The second thing- the finale disappoints because it is quite short, and also there's lack of a real "pierdolnięcie" "big fucking blow") at the end of such an amazingly told story.

Score: 9.5


+ Charismatic, totally cool hero
+ decisions have a major impact on story and gameplay
+ Brilliant graphics, dense atmosphere
+ Prima drawn characters

- Story is weaker towards the end
- 3 Act to short and poor in Quests
- combat control sometimes inaccurate "

Score: Sehr gut (very good)

Pelite Magazine

Sexist, humoristic, atmospheric, brutal game which redeems all the expectations I had about it. Excelllent fantasy journey, that keeps the dream of this year of being the best roleplaying year ever alive"

Score: 93%

Jeuxvideo magazine

conclusion = The Witcher 2 keeps it's promises and even more. The rpg that's cd project give to us is simply hallucinating. The devs give us an intelligent rpg, adult, beautiful and damn immersive. TW2 is higher than the first, and I even could say that it's the best rpg i have ever played.

Score: 19/20