3D World includes Luigi Bros. a Luigi version of Mario Bros.

It's nice to see that Nintendo is still one of those gaming companies that believes in cramming their games with extra content like this.

Others out there would have certainly made this type of thing a "pre-order retail incentive" or "Day 1 DLC", surely.


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Well, this would have been a nice little surprise when I started playing the game, but I guess I guess in this day and age, I can't expect to not have these sorts of things spoiled for me.
Thats fucking awesome. I went from E3 of this year looking forward to it but not thinking too much of it to holy fuck, this may be my GOTY.
It has 2player mode.

not sure whether I'd be happier with Waluigi, or Mario finally being forced into the shadow of his brother

It was the first Mario ever made where both players were on the screen at the same time wasn't it?

And the title screen clearly shows 1 player games and 2 player games.
Yeah, I fucked up not reading the title screen. I was referring to this specific version when I assumed there was no co-op though, I know the original had co-op (kinda defeats the purpose of giving Mario a brother otherwise).
It's hard for me to get excited for Mario Bros. packed into another Nintendo game (even if it's a special reskin), but it's a cool freebie nonetheles. :p
Simply incredible. I can't wait for the 22nd!

Stuff like this should be on eShop.

I would love to see modded versions of popular Nintendo titles. It would be an awesome edition to the vitual console.
Back when I first conceived of what digital games would be like in like 2004 or 2005 on next gen systems, I kind of just figured they'd let some staff go nuts on effectively romhacking old titles, haha. I'd love it.