50 Wii U games have been ported to Switch, 67% of Wii U games rated 85+ on MC. RIP.


I'm buying my first Nintendo and it's a Wii U LNIB...I like playing on original systems 😃
The wiiu was a much better system anyway. It has a controller that isn't some Fisher price knockoff feeling piece of dogshit and no pokemon sword. Also had miiverse at one point which is more than anything the switch has. Wiiu also has virtual console while the switch has shovel ware.

The switch is quite bad. Nintendo is actually getting worse as time goes on. They tried to reinvent the condom and made garbage instead.
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M MrA this thread is for you bud.
Wow,your reading comprehension skills are amazing, unfortunately clearly with 5 seconds of research, but that's a tall order for some people.
50 wiiu games (including first and third party) out of 4000 Switch games, that's nearly all by any reasonable standard , most people consider roughly 1% nearly all
More fun wiiu has 28 games rated over 85 so 67% is 19 games or so
switch has 103 games rated over 85% so out if games rated over 85 on Mc wiiu ports make up a whopping 19% again nearly all by any reasonable definition in fact 19 times nearly all since 1% is nearly all
Granted the switch will keep getting more games so we can expand nearly all to less than 1%
What's it like being a slave to the narative you've built in your head?
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