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$70 Mortal Kombat 1 Switch version called "robbery" as graphical comparisons flood the internet

Mortal Kombat 1 released in early access last week across Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Since then, several users have uploaded footage and screenshots showcasing the Switch version of the game - and the results aren't great.

In fact, the version available on Nintendo's hybrid console has been widely panned, with many wondering how the developer can ask the same price on Switch as on other platforms.
Fans have taken to the likes of X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok to question NetherRealm's decision to market Mortal Kombat 1 as a $70 Switch release. It has been called "robbery" and "disrespectful" to users.

Others have noticed glitches on their Switch versions of the game.

"Both of these are $70?!?!?$? Awwww hell no," one X user said, sharing a side-by-side comparison of Li Mei. "If I was playing Mortal Kombat 1 on Switch I'd ask for a refund in a heartbeat."

Digital Foundry is also planning to take a closer look at all versions of Mortal Kombat 1, so be sure to keep an eye out for their thoughts on the site soon.


Damn I am actually surprise it holds that well

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It's actually pretty wild these costs the same even though the experience is wildly different; an inferior product should cost less.


My first fighting game on handled has been Killer Instinct for Game Boy
It was actually super impressive and played well. Could have started far worse ! My first fighting game was MKII on Master System and I loved every minute.
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What did they expect on hardware that was old on the day it launched? Why the hell are they comparing ps5 graphics to a Switch? Idiots.
Switch fanboys being used to ports of games that are so bad (for anyone that's not just using a Switch and hasn't seen any videos of the game) but they think "wow Witcher on the Switch!!!"

Even Nintendos own games looks blurry and stanky for the most part, yes even Zelda at $70. Low unstable framerates, washed out graphics, no AA, view distance of a dead grandparent with super cataracts etc.
Wasn't that long ago Pokemon was being yelled at, but it was a Nintendo made game, so the anger died down and they bought the next remake.
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It doesn't look... that bad? Not in motion but yes I think a patch or two could fix the close up images.

How many times does this need to be explained. The Switch is a 7 year old handheld trying to run a game clearly made for the PS5 etc.
Let's also not forget the fact that this game has to run in 60FPS so it cannot do the shortcut of halving the frames other games do with Switch ports and it's an improvement over 11 in image quality.
This game could look a lot better in 30FPS on switch but..... who wants a 30fs fighting game?

They made the right call and I've seen enough proper videos that suggest this is a very decent day and date port.

The price itself is a different debatable argument but it seems like me like you're getting the exact same content with the added benefit of being able to play it portable.
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Anyone who buys a switch is of the belief that “graphics don’t matter”.

So yes, charge their asses full price and give them the fisher price version of every game.

No issue with this for me. That’s business.

This is the hardware Nintendo provided them, that’s not their fault. They shouldn’t have to discount their price because of Nintendos lack of giving a shit about graphics
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I mean it still cost the same amount to develop, overall.

This is Nintendo's fault for driving very, very outdated hardware into the ground.
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It also drops to about 10fps or less during the fatalities

Oh and this is what happens when you uppercut somebodies head off


Even the pre rendered videos drop frames
It's a creative decision! Slow-mo to enjoy the fatality and ponder on meaning of life or lack thereof. 🙏📿🙏

Edit: Also, not sure what people expected. It's a Switch and a port from a graphically demanding game. Should always wait for reviews beofre purchasing. Caveat Emptor and all of that jazz.
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Is there a ranking somewhere how much a game may cost, depending on it´s graphics?
Looks ok, $30
Runs great, but graphics are meh, $40
Amazing gameplay, no RT and 60fps, $5
It's not like we didn't expect to be broken. This game shouldn't have been ported to the Switch. But then DOOM and Alien Isolation prove me wrong.

Still, no one buys a switch expecting to play big triple-A 3rd titles. It doesn't excuse this joke of a port, but you shouldn't have high expectations to begin with when buying it.
Weird as hell not to make some ultimate edition for the next gen Switch instead of this. Can't imagine enough defendos actually buying this day one on the current platform looking that bad who wouldn't have waited for an improvement.


The fact that there is a switch version available for people who have just one system is a good thing. People should be raising their voices on more pressing video games matter instead of this.
It's a shame that it's done by the same studio that did MK11, Shiver Entertainment, which was and still is one of the best modern day downports to the Switch.


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Are these completely separate versions? Some of those Switch screenshots don't look like the same game at lower visual settings, the models look completely different.

The Alien

I don't think it's horrible. Sure it's kinda silly, but that's the power right now fir the Switch.

Want an option to play the new MM in Switch? Here it is.
Don't like the graphics, buy it on another platform.


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No one buys a Switch for Mortal Kombat, this looks like a low effort grab at just a few sales.

Wasn't that long ago Pokemon was being yelled at, but it was a Nintendo made game, so the anger died down and they bought the next remake.
GameFreak, not Nintendo--and believe me, even Nintendo fans who are into Pokemon know that GameFreak is one of those devs you buy from for the IP while fully knowing that you'll get a janky mess. Even if you download their PC adaptation of the card game (TCG Live) it's borderline broken, crashes constantly, barely works on any platform. GameFreak quite literally can't make a competent game on any hardware, sadly.


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Is there a ranking somewhere how much a game may cost, depending on it´s graphics?
Looks ok, $30
Runs great, but graphics are meh, $40
Amazing gameplay, no RT and 60fps, $5
Something like this should exist. Why should I pay the same for a version with worse "everything"?
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