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$70 Mortal Kombat 1 Switch version called "robbery" as graphical comparisons flood the internet


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It runs like fucking ass on the steam deck but looks ok.. keep crying a 9watt console runs as good as this


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The “it’s Nintendo’s fault” comments are asylum-tier. I’m sure Nintendo pointed a gun at the devs’ head to get a Switch port of the game, every single one of them.

It’d also be interesting to see the Venn diagram for people who have a Switch as their one and only gaming platform and people who are so desperate to get MK1 day one that they’ll be content with the Switch version. I’d be surprised if the number of people in the intersection reaches triple digits.


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The underbite in the faces on the Switch version is an added bonus
Dude I’m 100% convinced the devs made the characters look as derpy as possible on the Switch version. These are artistic choices, not just decimated geometry and different lighting.

The only huge bummer is that apparently MK1 runs like shit on the Switch. If it was a snappy 60fps, I would absolutely buy the Switch version over the PS5 version. It makes me laugh so hard and reminds me of how dumb MK4 looked, which I absolutely loved lol.

I also like bad things, though.


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Jonathan Bartholemule Cage on Nintedno Swiss is the human version of the "This is fine" meme.
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It's not like we didn't expect to be broken. This game shouldn't have been ported to the Switch. But then DOOM and Alien Isolation prove me wrong.

Still, no one buys a switch expecting to play big triple-A 3rd titles. It doesn't excuse this joke of a port, but you shouldn't have high expectations to begin with when buying it.
Surprisingly No Man's Sky proved me wrong. Hello Games with about 25 devs in the company released a decent port that actually scored well in reviews.
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That "But it's portable!" mindset has really bitten a lot of y'all in the ass lol
It really depends on what kind of port we are talking about

Im fine with some compromises here and there for certain third party games on the Switch ,while other demanding games i have another console to play on

For example, anything PS2/GC remaster,including the Resident Evil, Devil May Cry series i much prefer to play on Switch for portability, the Final Fantasy ports are good as well (yesterday playing Crisis Core HD and couldn't believe how good it looked 😯 they did a fantastic job remaking this), Metroid Prime,Mario RPGs they all work well on the Switch hardware,they aren't flawless of course but i have no issues with them 👌

The 'impossible' ports are another matter,the compromises are way more overt, and Mortal Kombat is one of those normally i stay away

But i did end up double dipping on DOOM 2016 because its such a fun game 🤭while the Switch version is unflattering and i wouldn't recommend it, its still fun to carry DOOM around
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is it a laziness issue? Some ports of Sony games look and run really good on the Switch, but then this mortal kombat style port pops up and it leaves me confused.


Switch Owners wanted it that way.

This is the receipt for the purchase of MK 8 which was already not worth the full price.

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I just don't understand the point of bringing this game to the Switch, it's like bringing Streetfighter 2 to the Gameboy, what is the point? All it does is bring the Switch into badlight.....they could have skipped it and just waited a year and bring out the definitive edition on Switch 2....

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I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the game. In motion, it often looks comparable if not better than on Steam deck while running at 60fps (switch) against 40-ish (deck). As often, lots of hyperbole among gamers.

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Was the X1 in any phones?
Bad faith response there. You know that the X1 wasn't in any phones per se but you also know that it has the same ARM Cortex A57 and A53 cores as Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 SoC which launched in 2014 phones. I bought my current phone nearly 3 years ago for less than the price of a Switch and it's Antutu score is triple that of the Switch, it also has a higher resolution AMOLED screen, gorilla glass and tons of other features the Switch doesn't have. Nintendo is vastly overpricing the Switch, but good for them, if people are buying it why the hell not, but if you look at it solely from a hardware perspective, it's clearly a ripoff.
Why the fuck should it cost less because it's graphically less impressive on the console with the weakest hardware? It's the same game and plays the same on Switch running at 60 fps. Gamers are insane sometimes (most of the time) (all of the time)
I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the game. In motion, it often looks comparable if not better than on Steam deck while running at 60fps (switch) against 40-ish (deck). As often, lots of hyperbole among gamers.

You're kidding, right?

The resolution is lower on the Switch than on Steam Deck.

I hope you're not one of the many that claims The Witcher 3 on Switch looks identical to the PS4 version.


Visually, I don't think looks that bad, tbh. They just need to get some of the performance issues ironed out. At least get to 30fps on some of the canned stuff.


Man this is hilarious to me. Especially this image:

This one's going places in my reaction image folder.
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