Amazingly AWESOME fan art

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the chris said:
That picture of Cloud could kind of be forgiven only because he actually dressed in drag during the game.
I just noticed Tifa's bewbs are not pixelated. And they are sparkling.


Either I made up lies about the Boston Bomber or I fell for someone else's crap. Either way, I have absolutely no credibility and you should never pay any attention to anything I say, no matter what the context. Perm me if I claim to be an insider
Link Man said:
And now for some catch-up:

Why is this near the dude's crotch?
SpacePirate Ridley said:
The worst thing, you exactly know which ones were done for fun's sake and which were drawn by 12 to 17 children (mostly girls) and are really serious.
The latter ones are really facepalm worthy.
You forgot the creepy fetish drawings

Watch Da Birdie

I buy cakes for myself on my birthday it's not weird lots of people do it I bet
deviantart search: NeoGaf


This was actually a quickie project that I had to do for my Theatre Movement class this spring semester. We had to sketch how we view ourselves in our own bodies. Naturally, I sketched myself as an anime charcater complete with DSi in hand, glasses, cheesy smile, untied shoelace and NeoGAF polo.

"E3 and his herald Hype" :p

Apart from the countless NeoGaf pony pics, the search was disappointingly tame. :(

There was no NeoGaf the Hedgehog. :(
sephi22 said:
Im glad I didnt grow up in the sonic era
I grew up in the Sonic era and the whole Furry-Sonic culture is both abhorrent and a train-wreck, you cannot help but look at it when it passes by and feel so wrong that you did at the same time.
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