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Apple Announces 16GB iPhone and 32GB iPod Touch

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3G support yet?


Bonerville High said:
I just bought an 8GB and I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Tell me what my reaction is supposed to be, internet.

Unless you were willing to pay the extra, you feel nothing?


i should feel tech lust for the 32gb touch, but i have loads of stuff on my 16gb so probably don't need the space. Must be tempting for those with 30gb classics that need the space but wanted touch


I have the 16GB iPod Touch and love the thing... I was never into MP3 players and never owned an iPod... It is a ton of space... I have 11 movies and over 190 songs...

In one day, at work, I never get through all of the songs and have only watched the Family Guy: Star Wars parody...

For me... 16GB is huge... even if I go on a trip... I would not need more than 11 movies.

So, this news does not bother me... but it will make others quite happy.


Klaxon said:

I bought the 8gb touch a month ago...

So you are mad that you bought the 8GB? And now there is a 32GB coming... right?

Why didn't you just buy the 16GB? It was available when you bought the 8GB...

Come on abmit it... you are not mad at all, are you?
Kildace said:
So how long until the 8GB is phased out and the 32 / 16gb are 400$ / 300$? This is when I'll get one.

Same here. My phone is is on its last legs, but I'm holding out until either the ihpone is at the right price/features, or my contract is up and I can get something entirely different.

Hoping they'll just drop the price to $399 to make the decision easier.


32GB is the bare minimum i need with very little room to grow. $499 seems like a lot to pay for the bare minimum.

Why the fuck won't they just give me a Touch with a HDD?!
Seems like they're consistently making sure that the iPod touch outdoes the iPhone in terms of storage capacity. Presumably to artificially not make it redundant?
Not sure how that works, but I guess if no one was buying the touch they wouldn't be able to manufacture it in large enough quantities.
I can't wait for the white 40GB model.

Wait, this isn't the Gaming Forum...

Storage space is definitely what's holding back the iPod Touch for me. (OK, storage and being poor.) I know it's not easy work cramming the internals in reliably, but I hope they find a way to step up these jumps.
Hmm. Even though I knew this would happen--it still makes my little 4 GB look even smaller.

I'll wait for the next refresh before upgrading though.


DarthWaiter said:
if these aren't the most overpriced technology then I don't know what is.

No, they aren't. the macbook air is. shit is outrageous.

that said, I'm very glad the 32gb touch was announced-- that's the one I've been waiting for. Hopefully my 5th gen 30gb will survive until the inevitable price drop.


duderon said:
32GB touch is hot. I'm sure once I have enough money to buy one it'll only cost 300 bucks.

By that time, Sony might have a 32GB Duo Pro and I can store everything on my PSP.


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32GB Ipod Touch... almost... there.. just need one more bump up in size....


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tech lust for the 16 GB iPhone aside, I'm doing alright with the space I have on the 8 GB. I don't consume music as voraciously as some, so a few hundred songs occupying 2-3 gig works for me. I generally have a chunk of 3-4 gig that goes unused. Videos go on all the time, but it's bite-sized stuff and usually doesn't take up more than a few hundred meg at any given time. A few photos, but not my whole collection. Might become a problem I suppose when iPhone SDK is officially out there and I start putting apps on there, though I doubt it.


Finally bought a new PSP, but then pushed the demon onto someone else. Jesus.
8GB hasn't been the issue I thought it would be. I have 102 crispy music videos/movies, 500 songs (all heat) and still have a GB or so left for everything else (ebooks, apps etc.).

I also recently found out how easy it is to replace parts (battery, screen etc.) Short of my current iPhone breaking, I'm sticking with it for now.


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Bonerville High said:
I just bought an 8GB and I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Tell me what my reaction is supposed to be, internet.
This is why you should never buy anything from Apple... Ever.

No other companies products get better every year, Apple is unique in screwing you in this regard.

With that said you are inherently a worthless consumer whore who does not deserve the right to complain or feel remorse when something new comes out because it was good enough for the price/time you bought it at initially wasn't it?

Did I get them all?
oh yeah. Apple.. LOL


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neptunes said:
I'm so FUCKING glad I waited


edit: BooHOO @ Price, that thing is not cheap
Continue waiting. This is not as good as it gets.
I have a 16gb ipod touch, even though I have my entire music collection on there I've only used half of the storage capacity so I'm not bothered about the news.


dallow_bg said:
I want the 4GB iPhone.
Wonder what they go for now.

I still can't use it with T-Mobile right?

No. Apple's exclusive with AT&T until they aren't. Which won't be for a while.

I'd be tempted to upgrade to the 16GB, but I'd rather wait to see if they make any other changes this year. At some point they'll bump it up to 32GB, and if they improve the camera, the speaker, add 3G etc I'll be on that train. Still, this is great for people who were interested in the iPhone but 8GB wasn't enough space.


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Crab Shaker said:
Ok when the 32gig 3g iPhone is released, I'm in.

Still in?


A ridiculous percentage, (close to 50%), of the iPhone sales are pure profit.

Enjoy your $500, 56k-equivalent speed phone whores.

Which doesn't have Adobe Flash Player! Or cut and paste!

OS X is the worst smartphone OS out there. I'd take WinMo over it any day, not that Apple is suffering because of their mediocrity.

edit: I forgot to give a tremendous fuck you to the neophytes who know nothing about technology, and still picked up an iPhone, supporting Apple when it ships a product half finished.


You guys that have the iPhone: how much is your monthly bill? It seems like the price of the phone is probably insignificant compared to that.
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