April Wrasslin |OT| D.Brine collects his P45

March 2006 was when they started putting out regular video wires - I liked that they showed clips of the past weekends shows long before they'd be released on DVD, now it's just mostly promos.
I started watching ROH probably closer to November 2006, so that explains why I don't remember when they started the video wires.
If we're going with non-wrestling, I want to throw Vince's name up there as well. 66.. dude is a grandfather.. and he still looks to be in better shape than some former wrestlers.

Even some current wrestlers.
I will say the Sheamus/Daniel Bryan match was awesome last night and isn't getting the credit it deserves by people. Too bad the wrong man won.
Easily the match of the night for me. The booking was perfect up to the third fall. I'm not upset with Sheamus winning, just with how easy he won the third fall.....at least he still sold his arm the whole time.