Archive and Spoiler-Free Thread: E3 2016


Google Sheet link in case NeoGAF is inaccessible and easy archive access. Archives are updated here first.

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What is this?


Hey Volotaire, I’ve got no time for games
(get it? HAHA)
. What is this really?

This thread archives links to conference videos, reaction streams and publisher livestreams so you can catch up later. Check this thread, or the Google Sheet, to find the links to the streams.

How does this work?

In this thread, I will archive the livestreams as they are completed with mutiple backups. I will archive popular reaction streams such as Giantbomb. I am open to suggestions. I will be available after the livestream so you don’t have to worry about relying on external sources.

Archives ETA: 5-15 minutes after each conference for the Google Sheet, a bit longer on the thread.

What do I need to do?

You have 3 options.

  • 1. BOOKMARK this page. When you want to watch a conference, you can directly access the page.
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To summarise, you will not have to sift through the main NeoGAF forums.

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    PLEASE READ the caveats in the first part of the archived links section. It details the likelihood of spoilers on archives i.e. scrolling headlines, similar videos, etc.



  • Do not post E3 news in this thread.
  • This is NOT a discussion thread. Keep discussion to the official conference or news threads.


Caveats for Websites:

Read here


Deus Ex Universe Pre-E3 Showcase
When: 08/06/16 at 08:30 PT/16:30 BST/15:30 GMT
Thread: Deus Ex Thread by BY2K

Watch Dogs 2 Reveal Livestream
When: 08/06/16 at 09:00 PT/17:00 BST/16:00 GMT

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Phone Users and other links:


Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Livestream
Where: Around LA!
When: 12/06/16 at 2:00 PM PT/22:00 BST/21:00 GMT
Thread: NeoGAF OT Thread by Compsiox

PC Users:

*Note 1

PC Users:

PC Users:

Phone Users and other links:

PC Users:

Phone Users and other links:

PC Users:

Phone Users and other links:

Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 2016
Where: E3 Showfloor!
When: 14/06/16 - 15/06/16 at 9:00 AM PT/17:00 BST/16:00 GMT
Thread: NeoGAF OT Thread by Azalean

Publisher/Developer Streams

Publisher Livestream

Journalist Streams



Conference Timetable



Useful E3 threads



Once upon a time there was a person called Jimmy. Jimmy was an ordinary guy, with an ordinary life. But there was one comfort in Jimmy’s life - E3 - the week of dreams. Agent. Beyond Good and Evil 2. He believed.

But, oh no! Jimmy forgot that he had had to complete an extra project at work. He wouldn’t be able to make it in time to watch the conferences. What would Jimmy do?

Jimmy logged into NeoGAF, frantically looking around for a solution. A glowing bar of text appeared - ‘Archive and Spoiler-Free Thread: E3 2016’

Twitch is usually instantaneous, YT, from what IIRC last year, was about 5-15 minutes.
I think the actual livestream link on youtube is instantaneous too thanks to the DVR features for livestreams on youtube. That means you can jump around even when watching live and re-watch after it ends.
  • Dinjooh and Cheesemesiter for the fantastic E3 conference timetable
  • dex3108 for allowing me utilise the fantastic banner assets for archived links
  • Foliorum Viridum, lazybones18, Frolow for Spoiler Free E3 2010 - 2014 thread inspiration
  • tchocky for checking the Google Sheet status
  • Evershade for the indirect YouTube extension help
  • falconxcrunner09 for adding Kinda Funny Games to the list
  • Suplexer for correcting SBF to Super Best Friends
  • Scanna for correcting the Microsoft image link
  • Jaina for correcting the Google Sheet old Dinjooh table
Best thread of E3, thanks Volotaire.

Going to repost what I posted in last years thread to help avoid Youtube spoilers, when not using direct links:

If anyone is particularly spoiler-conscious and planning on using youtube to watch these, then there are a couple of addins that might be of use that allow hiding the suggested videos, comments, description, titles etc:

Firefox: Element Hidiing Helper for Adblock
Chrome: AdBlock+ Element Hiding Helper

To use both
  • Install the addin
  • Go to a youtube video page
  • Firefox: From the adblock menu click "Select an element to hide" or press Ctrl+Shift+F3
  • Chrome: From the Adblock+ menu select "Block Element" or press Alt+B
  • Select an outlined region of the page to hide
Thanks as always for this thread, Volotaire!

So, was wondering if anyone could do me a favor next week. I'm avoiding all Zelda news but want to know (a) if Nintendo announces anything else and (b) of the new Zelda game includes hunting. Can anyone ITT please let me know of this next week?


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Very nice thread, Volotaire.

For reference, I aim to have the E3 2016 | General Information & FAQ thread up on Friday, June 10.
Just to be clear, SBF is Super Best Friends right?

I actually took off on the 13th but knowing me something will come up and I will end up missing all the live conferences so this will be a handy back up plan!
Just to be clear, SBF is Super Best Friends right?

I actually took off on the 13th but knowing me something will come up and I will end up missing all the live conferences so this will be a handy back up plan!
Ooops yes. I should clarify this. Thanks! However, I have no idea about their plans for reactions this year.
  • Gamespot: Popular videos in right panel, latest videos to the bottom right panel below this. Comments at bottom.
    [*]IGN: Article banner at top. Related and most watched videos below the main video window.
  • Giantbomb: I will try to retrieve the direct download link, the web player in your web browser will just be a video. YT Direct Link mirror provided if functional.
  • EasyAllies: A Twitch/ Direct YT Video.
    [*] Twitch: No spoilers.
  • YouTube Direct Link: I will be using a direct link extension to the hyperlink so the YT video fills up fullscreen when you click it like this. No spoilers since no thumbnail, it autoplays
    [*]Official Websites
    : Details per publisher’s website will be revealed closer to conferences. They are highlighted on the google sheet with a colour code key.
    [*]SBF (Super Best Friends): TBC
    [*]Kinda Funny Games: TBC
This thread is much appreciated. I miss my time living in London when I could watch these at a respectable hour during the day. Now that I'm back home in Australia I'm not keen on watching these live in the middle of the night!
Deus Ex twitch archive linked in the Google Sheet and the thread.

EDIT: Updated Watch Dogs 2 Reveal Livestream in both thread and Google Sheet (Twitch and YT) and YT partial Deus Ex.

EDIT 2: Updated Watch Dogs 2 Gamespot reaction , post and pre show: YT, Twitch and Gamespot
I had vacation time scheduled for Monday for the last 2 months, but something came up at work and I can't be off and I'm so pissed. For the first time ever I will be taking advantage of this thread. Thank you!