Atlus has a new logo: /|TLUS

Possibly coinciding with the "Atlus" and "Index" brand division officially happening today (in Japan) that was announced on February 17 (Sega press release, for reference), Atlus has changed their old logo on several places such as the Persona Channel and their Twitter account to a new one:

New logo

Old logo

The spun off Index company also has a new logo:

Atlus as a proper company now has their own corporate website at last:

The press release has a high res version of their new logo too:

This is one of those times where the differences are minor enough I cant imagine anyone seriously getting worked up over it.

I prefer the old logo btw
Also, while the most jarring things about the new logo are the change to the A and the removal of the slash lines, I also don't like how the top line of the T is shorter now. It just looks wrong.