"Awesome" Fan Art |OT2| James can see everything

May 24, 2006
This thread is amazing. Has he who shall not be googled been named yet?

Doug Winger

I wouldn't want to post any of his stuff here because a lot of it is way NSFW, but if you're trying to build up your tolerance to bad fan art, and if you truly want to never be shocked by drawings ever again... there are worse places to start.


The Most Dangerous Yes Man
Dec 6, 2008
LA, California
Do you like Disney's Fantasia? A lot of people sure do!
I don't think I've ever seen . . . reverse vore?

You realize his tongue
Yeah. Disgusting . . . too disgusting even to make a rim job pun.

There's a worse pic, probably by the same artist, that I won't post here, but let's just say it
features Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles transformed into urinals. Urinals that have recently been used, and not neatly.
Why do you do that to yourself?