Bandai Namco files trademark for ''PAC-MAN Maker''.

Ehm, sure...
I don't know if I would play this, but I think it's the best franchise for Bamco to use for a Super Mario Maker-inspired game. Can't be really bothered tbh.

Definitely mobile.
Need to see what kind of options are available.

Hopefully it includes the ability to add stuff from all the recent PAC-MAN DX games and make some really crazy stuff.

If it's just base PAC-MAN where you get to place ghosts and fruit and draw the maze, it would be kinda boring.
Needs the ability to switch between classic pixel Pac-Man and Pac-Man Championship Edition visuals.

Bandai-Namco announcing a lot of great stuff lately. This, Code Vein, God Eater 3. Digimom Cyber Sleuth sequel...

If they do this right, this could be very fun indeed. Even more so if some of the more crazy things from DX and 256 get added in.