Batman Arkham Origins Box Art + New screens released [Up: Blackgate Art]


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New preview

Batman: Arkham Origins is a Blast From the Past

A slew of new Batman: Arkham Origins previews have gone live today. Some information is a rehash of already-known details from the initial Game Informer cover story, but there’s some new information as well.

We’ve rounded up new and old tidbits from IGN’s preview below.

- Begins on Christmas Eve
- Joker’s “present” is a series of explosives tied to a nearby building
- Batman is disarmed and stunned by Bane, so he can only watch as Joker detonates his trap
- Batman is more primal and vicious in this game
- Fighting style is raw and undefined
- Enemies are younger and more vibrant
- Batman’s armor style comes closer to what is shown in Christopher Nolan’s films than anything in previous games
- Black Mask hires eight assassins to kill Batman
- Deathstroke and Deadshot are among those hired
- Police, led by Commissioner Loeb, will pursue Batman and attempt to detain him
- Grappling, gliding, perching atop gargoyles, ambushing thugs, and maneuvering around Gotham works as it always has
- Combat system is back in full force
- Tracking system helps players assess the efficiency of their combat
- This is entirely informational
- Experience points flow into a branching upgrade system
- Gain points by chaining hits into lengthy combos
- New enemy types including the martial artist thug
- This enemy type requires back-and-forth combos until the criminal makes a mistake
- Side quests are back in a significant way, both through a radio scanner that helps track criminal activity, and a ‘Most Wanted System’
- Most Wanted System: hunt villains like Anarchy, who have stories and motivations that are separate from the main Black Mask thread
- Warner Bros. not saying how significant Joker’s role is
- Detective Mode concept is back
- It can now be used to track observations and discoveries, allowing players to ‘scrub through’ a crime as it occurred in the past, discovering where more evidence might be
- When an assassin’s bullet disables a police helicopter causing it to crash, Batman is able to deduce that a nearby SWAT sniper wasn’t responsible – tracing the source of the bullet to what was likely Deadshot
- By scrubbing through different evidence in different places, Batman assembles the truth piece by piece, allowing him to move to his next target
- Fast-travel system
- Remote Claw: attach to two points or enemies and pull them together


Full reveal trailer

Box Art:

New screens:
Wow random Joker reveal. He looks... evil.

Seeing those skyscrapers and knowing we can actually climb all that gets me REALLY pumped for this game. Batman himself looks badass too, more brutal in some way.
This is going to be a good Winter game for me. The AC was a great game to be played in the Cold winter so this is going to be a good one too.

I also like the Cover, wonder if it will get more 10 stickers and 9/10 quotes etc in the future.
No mention of Deathstroke for Wii U and it's missing from the box.

Deathstroke confirmed as playable character in Batman: Arkham Origins challenge mode pre-order now for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for exclusive early access to the Deathstroke pack

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment confirmed that Deathstroke will be a fully playable character in the challenge mode for Batman: Arkham Origins™. Fans who pre-order the game for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 system or Windows PC will receive exclusive early access to the Deathstroke pack.
I know it's a prequel and Mark Hamill is amazing, but it's a bit disappointing to see the Joker crop up yet again. I hope a different villian takes centre stage this time.
Yeah, that's a really neat surprise.
That's a character I haven't seen in years. I think they can do some really neat stuff with him, especially considering this is Beginner-Batman.

EDIT: Ah, if he's supposed to be a main antagonist in Beware the Batman, that makes sense.
The Wii U DLC situation is absolutely baffling. If you think the game's worth porting in the first place, why wouldn't you include it?

Great boxart though. Surprised they're including the Joker, I thought they were trying to do this one without him after essentially doing a send off for the character in Arkham City.