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Best gaming company logos


Wtf GAF. I'm shocked we are two pages in and no Razer

Almost all of my PC hardware is by Razer

It's a great design

nice jokepost


that's really cool. don't own a playstation so I never really noticed this when playing

Maybe they only started recently, or just did that for a commemorative pic, because I definitely don't recall those logos during Calling All Cars, Warhawk, Fat Princess, etc.

Would be very cool if they did color-code it from here on out. Kinda like the custom Sega splash screens on Genesis.


always wanted to know. is this some guy at Valve? Any explanation of who this guy is?

Valve's Ray Ueno stated he worked with Gabe Newell and their colleagues to develop the "guy in the logo" when they decided to call the company "Valve" around 1995-1996, and needed to develop the visual brand vocabulary to go along with it.

Back then, the casting agencies Valve was using to find models for the Valve Guy only proposed attractive models, while they were searching for "heavy-set", "normal" ones. They then asked their agencies to walk the streets of Seattle and find more interesting people. In Seattle's Broadway district, they took many Polaroids of the types of people Valve was looking for, and brought the shots back to them. The team then selected a bald, heavy-built man and a thin man with a goatee from the batches of "off-the-street" Polaroids.[1]

The two comprised the "Open your mind. Open your eyes." concept for Valve's initial brand, respectively for the heavily-built and goatee men. As of today, the identities of both the Valve guys appear to be lost, as Valve apparently did not keep any trace of their identities, the fact they are not professional models making it very difficult - if not impossible - to identify them.
It's the word Nintendo with a stretched circle around it in red lettering. Sure, I love the company.. But the logo isn't exactly artistic or eye catching.

Same deal with Namco. Just the company name in red, but somehow the font makes it iconic enough that each letter was featured separately as cover art for a retail game.



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Rockstar logo:

Because when you put it on anything, it's identifiable and iconic even from afar.

HAL Labs has a great one.

I really like this logo. I never realized though that it's a dog nursing what are supposed to be puppies I think. I always thought it was a dog nesting on eggs.

I'm fond of SE's logo:

It's actually nice and clean, unfortunately though, to me, it's associated with an entire generation of awful 13 games and overall let-downs.

I think SE should really re-design their logo with the release of FFXV, KHIII, VIIremake and what not, to really signify closing that awful chapter.
Can someone tell me what are those three things in front of the weiner dog in the HAL Labs logo. They can't be its puppies. Why are they white and shaped like eggs?

If they are really puppies, then what the hell does that have to do with laboratories?


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Holy fuck, I must be blind... I never noticed that there was a dog in this logo. I always saw a face. The dog as hair, the mat as a crazy beard, and the three white things as eyes and nose
.... How the heck did you see that?
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