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Barry Lightning said:
pic looks FAT. need 360/ps3 plsssss!


Saw the new screen... seriously looks surreal, please EA put a good online mode in this!

Really makes me wonder how would a new Mortal Kombat look using this style? haha


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Sanjuro Tsubaki said:
Only on the Wii!? Sega Genesis plz.
I remember someone saying the Wii was "a fucking Genesis" (who was it?) so rejoice! Your wish has been granted!
Actually, I wish the Wii was "a fucking Genesis". The Genesis was awesome.

Captain N

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bjscott05 said:
I really think this is going to be a summer game/ release around the NBA finals. What you think GAF?

Nintendo Power says Fall. Hopefully it does hit this summer.

NBA Jam Wii needs to be at EVO.


The big pic on page 33 with the player two stories above the basket with a flaming basketball makes me so happy. This game is going to be so much fun.
Threi said:
Genesis NBA Jam vs SNES NBA Jam is like trying to choose between your two offspring.
Blast Processing.

Here's to hoping we get a good preview of the game during this year's Slam Dunk Contest. It's the perfect place to show it.


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Ninja Scooter said:
just had a thought, but if EA really does have Mark Turmell on board they better be giving NFL Blitz the same treatment.
Dude, a Mutant League Football revival would be up Mark's alley. Besides, I doubt the NFL will allow late hits, taunting and general disregard for the rules in an officially licensed NFL game anymore.


I just saw the screen shot and I like what I'm seeing. I hope they don't mess this up, because I'm hype as hell for this game right now.
VAIL said:
Not allowed, Google is your buddy though.
Well yeah, not in this case. There is only this one screen around; but there are like 20 more in the magazine. Non-US citizens are out of luck I guess. Well... Real screens will hit soon I hope.

Why For?

Ok, pic has me FAR more excited, bring this shit on.

Initially I was a bit meh on a Wii version, but I'm really warming to it now. It'll be great have a more regularly played Multiplayer title for my Wii.

I can't get enough people to play Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis right now.

Lot of friends who used ot play the FUCK out of NBA Jam with me.

Hopefully they can have 2 rosters:

- Current
- Old School

Jordan and Pippen vs Barkley and Dan Majerle (or KJ) ftw.


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Interview with Mark Turmell

I'm confident that we can create an easier to pick-up-and-play experience where [players] get a cool moment right away, feel they have control over that moment, and then they begin to get hooked," he states. "That's almost an arcade philosophy that I grew up with; I was in the arcade business for twenty years."

Finally, Turmell says, never underestimate the importance of frame rate to immersion and engagement, something he hopes to make a priority at EA. "A lot of gameplay that feels not-responsive or sluggish is simply because they are not updating the game engine at 60 frames per second," he says. "That's really critical in my eyes," he adds. "Some people can't really quantify why a game feels better than another game, but you'll find games that run at higher frame rates do end up scoring higher or feeling better to consumers.

I feel unleashed because there's so much horsepower here -- and I am excited about the new tech, whether it be Natal or the new motion controller from Sony," he adds. "I think that we're getting into an area where games can become even more accessible and easier to play by the mass market.
I hope him just being a consultant is all he needs to do for the game. It's weird that he's not fully involved like being the director or something.

I'm sure if he feels the game's done perfectly, then we won't have anything to worry about.


Just read the NP feature and I'm starting to get hyped up for this. If they add in a decent online system and classic/GC controller support and its a day one purchase.
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