Cabal me excited - Destiny 2 Gameplay today!

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Apr 24, 2014
Can't say I've ever been this excited for some gameplay footage, but here I am. Probably setting myself up for a huge disappointment but fuck it, PC Destiny is going to be glorious. I know it.

Think they will allow folks at the event to broadcast on twitch or will we be waiting a few days until we see footage? Regardless, can't wait to hear the impressions, what Bungie has changed, and how fireteams will work moving forward.

Anyone on GAF been invited to the event?

Hype train has been boarded and leaving the station.

Information on today's live stream.
Starts at 10am TODAY!
Want to join the livestream early? Bungie will interview guests in the lead up of the stream starting.
Leaks? Oh we got leaks.

There's a reddit rumor including:
- PC version is
- PvP is four player
- Basic PvE teams are four player, wasn't sure on raid count
- Same three classes, but totally redone sub-classes
- You have two primaries now, one regular damage, one Elemental
- The base locations are theee Jupiter moons and Earth, but they're much bigger zones than the first game
- Game has way more content than Destiny 1 both before and after level 20
- Heavy machine guns removed in favor of grenade launchers
- New weapon type they didn't want to spoil
- Your sparrow unlocks after you beat the game
- Looking for group tools of some kind for end game, didn't specify what
- I believe they thought it was 30 FPS but wasn't positive
- I can't remember if there was anything else, someone here probably remembers
Aug 19, 2015
Essex, UK
I don't think they will allow anyone to stream from the event. There will likely be an embargo on how long they have before they can post to their channels. My best guess is a few days after the event.

So hyped too though! Glad there haven't really been any leaks!
Feb 22, 2010
Birmingham, AL
I'm really hyped. I've had a lot of personal, very stressful stuff going on the past few days but this has kept me going in anticipation. I've put far more hours into the first one than any other game by a huge margin.
Aug 29, 2007
Honestly can't wait for the gameplay reveal myself.

However, I've been thinking, we all know Sony has secured the marketing rights to Destiny 2 (and bonus content). Hypothetically speaking, say Activision also secured a deal with Microsoft offering Play anywhere, alongside Sony having the marketing rights. Does anyone think that such a hypothetical deal :

1 - Could exist. Assuming Microsoft paid top dollar for such a feature. Could there be a clause allowing for Sony to advertise the hell out of the game alongside the Playstation platforms, while Microsoft has their own slice of the pie and offering play anywhere?

2 - Would such a feature heavily skew sales away from Playstation and more towards PC/Xbox?
Sep 15, 2016
Just wish above anything else that it wasn't Cabal focused. They're so fucking boring looking and i just don't care about them.

Don't care that they never got their own expansion in Destiny 1, this is the sequel so please just move on and give me new races.


aka Mannny
Jul 1, 2011
Streamers can't stream off their home equipment but they can record materials and upload videos via cameras. I guess in essence if they wanted to stream from their phone it's possible?
Jul 27, 2007
Miami, FL
I've been super excited the last couple days.

I'm hoping they deliver on the stuff Jason Scheier wrote about: Larger play spaces, towns connected to play spaces, initiating matchmaking while still being in the world, etc

And hopefully they make improvements to the UI (cumbersome when you have a lot of gear and consumables to manage), the light system and how they handle character & weapon stats, and make leveling path clear to the player.

And I also hope the game isn't as bad as Destiny 1 was with the amount of meters you gotta fill up/ factions to rank up. Same goes with different game currencies.
Feb 5, 2013
Well, i have been playing Battlefield 1 for a few months now and I just love how shooting at someone means they will go down.

With Destiny, the net code fucking sucked. Gun balance was total shit. ARs and even Pulse rifles were shit for months. It had way too many one hit kill weapons... shotguns, grenades, melees, snipers and supers. They need to completely revamp that and go with a 60 fps target. i dont care if they cant consistently hit it.

Graphics better get a massive upgrade too. Destiny looked great but very last gen.

I guess i am surprised i am no longer excited about Destiny 2. They need to do a lot to impress me.
Sep 11, 2007
Orlando, FL
Oct 11, 2014
So looking forward to this on PC, but hoping I won't catch too much shit from people because I use a controller :( I don't PVP, but I still feel like people are gonna be dicks.
How the fuck will they know? Doubt anyone would care to specifically pay attention what you do in PVE, game ain't hard and doesn't require a large degree of skill.
Jun 7, 2004
I haven't been this hyped since... I don't know. This is the first time since forever I'm letting myself set me up for disappointment. In the end, I would be satisfied with just a super large Destiny 1 expansion.
Oct 19, 2013
So looking forward to this on PC, but hoping I won't catch too much shit from people because I use a controller :( I don't PVP, but I still feel like people are gonna be dicks.
Destiny 2 is the rare shooter where controller will be just fine since the focus is co-op pve.

If you're not trying to pvp you'll have no problems I'm sure.
Oct 19, 2013
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