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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer

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The official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer has been posted early on HULU right now or perhaps it was leaked anyway here you go enjoy:

Full trailer is up:


there will be a stream here later today..


Infinity Ward has announced a special video stream happening tonight, Monday 2nd May at 7:30 PM CEST. During the stream, members of the development team will speak to their fans and discuss their bold, new vision for Call of Duty.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare It's being developed by Infinity Ward


neat. do we know if this is a continuation of advanced warfare? its following a similar naming scheme at least.
Man, I really hope that IW writes the SDF a really good reason for why they attack Earth.

But after the Federation in Ghosts, well, I have little faith in IW writing villains with any believable rationale or motives.

Going to take a wild bet that some colonists found some alien artifact and got brainwashed by it. Just a hunch by how odd the SDF speaker's speech was in that teaser.


Not a fan of the artstyle tbh. Very similar to AW and Blo3.

Still, very excited to find out more. I already got my multiplayer fix with cod4 remastered, so I'm not against them going crazy with changes to try and shake up the series.


It's CoD, in space, whoopie.

In general, adding "In space" almost never works out. See, Leprechaun in Space, Jason X(Friday the 13th in Space), etc.


I'm not a Call of Duty fan but I love the sci-fi feel. But I take it they've ditched the whole 'Ghosts' premise?
I see that CoD does what Battlefront doesn't. Actual space battles and ground to space flight XD

That's definitely just a cutscene. Nothing to write home about; it's not like it's a large scale open world technology much like a Battlefront style game would require.


Believes Dragon Quest is a franchise managed by Sony
No, this is Infinity Ward's game. So it would be connected to their line of games (Modern Warfare and Ghosts).

I would hope they don't bother, considering MW and ghosts obviously dont have anything to do with each other.

Seeing this, i'm wondering what seperates this from any sci fi space shooter without the Call of duty name..not that it doesn't look cool
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