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Capcom thinking out Switch support, talks about Capcom's future and IP revivals

Calm Mind

A new interview with the CEO of Capcom


General points (talks about current title/old IP/Mobile/esports/Switch):

  • RE7/MHXX underperformed
  • Capcom were too cautious in sending retail stores units of RE7 at first causing the title to have problems growing
  • Some users were encountering difficulties with the download version of MHXX which he believes turned off other customers from buying the game
  • Users are happy with the quality of both RE7/MHXX and sales have been good for the current fiscal quarter
  • Talks about the the strengths of selling games and other services via digital stores like PSN
  • Capcom categories the strengths of these digital stores for them into two seperate categories; moving old titles to current gen machines and selling them digitally, and data on users which can be used to strengthen their marketing department sincelots of stats like how many people are playing the game or how many people reach the ending
  • Good year for the traditional video game industry with additional shipments of PSVR, Nintendo Switch, and Project Scorpio all out this year
  • Uses his own primary school daughter as an example of a child who never wanted a home console before but wants a Switch
  • The important thing regarding Switch for software makers is what they users want
  • Cites the DS/Wii as examples of hardware with explosive hardware sales that at the start of their cycles did well thanks to Nintendo showing others how to make games fitting of the hardware, while third parties originally struggled on these platforms and didn't sell very well
  • Capcom aims to develop many different things for different hardware and is currently researching
  • In regards to Switch, Capcom will think of how to support the Switch while looking at how Street Fighter 2 does on the system in May
  • Asked about resurrecting old I.P by the interviewer after talking about the recent announcement of Capcom vs Marvel
  • Capcom wants to resurrect old I.P, but doing so makes many problems crop up
  • One of these problems is that they don't have enough people
  • The lack of people is due to the fast advancement of tech making every title require more people than ever
  • Also the development of their current I.P and new I.P means they have even less time to bring back old titles
  • In regards to their lack of success in the mobile game sector, he notes that their titles are interesting and people are playing them
  • They are not making profits due to their lack of in app purchases
  • Capcom hopes to partner with our businesses who have had success in the mobile sector in order to cover for their weaknesses in the mobile sector and make more money
  • Talks about E-sports around the world and how it is producing pro gamers
  • Notes their own companies Street Fighter 5
  • Notes the strict laws in Japan that make giving large pools of prize money at e-sporting events not possible

Thanks to zeromcd73 on the translation and gg2xac for the thread idea and title!

Updated with better translation thanks to Garou

The conclusion from the English bit in the OP is incorrect.

The original:

This is literally translated to:
As Capcom, we aim to bring games to all platforms, and continue our research.
As for the Switch, in May we will release USF2 and we will plan our support while looking at the situation [of the platform].

So basically this is a quick plug for their next release in the pipeline, while giving the general "we look into it"-response any company gives. The word "sales" doesn't come up once.



Let's overcharge 40$ for a 8 years old game that we sold for 15$ back then and we'll evaluate based on this.


Because if someone doesn't like old, overpriced fighting games, they also won't like any other type of game, right Capcom?


Capcom to release Switch games in France only.



lol fuck off, basing your support on the sales of that abomination. How many people do they think care about the hundredth port of SF2?


They said this with the Wii too and nothing good really came of it despite many of their ports/low budget releases selling pretty well early on.


Yeah no. Monster Hunter will find its way to Switch even if USF2 sold like 0 copies and it cost Capcpom an arm and a leg to print the cartridges
Eh, don't come on board the switch train then
Game is old af x launched at $15 back in the 360 days.

Doubt they'd skip out completely
RE7 won't print them money anymore


I guess that means no monster hunter or other games then. Banking support based on the sales of an old overpriced port is such a dick move.
Why don't you determine Switch support with a game that isn't 25 years old?
You, like with a new Monster Hunter, for example?

Fuck this, Capcom. Here I thought I could trust you :(


If they wanted USF2 to be a major success they could have had it ready for launch and dropped the price to $30. At this point there is far too many better games to play on the Switch.

Capcom to release Switch games in France only.

If it was $30 elsewhere it might actually do better - $10 can make a big difference in terms of perception.
It was sold out on Amazon US for what it's worth (edit: Back in stock. Selling at 21 in the charts, ahead of Tekken 7 on PS4 but behind Fire Emblem and BotW) and seems to be doing well in France(?) so I guess it exceeded publisher expectations for launch in one territory.

Still, like others have said, it's ridiculous to determine future Switch support on the basis of this random port released in May. The execs at Capcom are assuming that the willingness of Switch owners or nostalgia to play Street Fighter II for a $40 entry fee is representative of how the audience will receive other Capcom titles, which *shock horror* may not be ports!

Or if they are ports, appeal to a different subset of the Switch audience. You know, like that quick Resi 4 handheld port they could have done too? Or even cross-platform efforts of Great Ace Attorney 2, or Monster Hunter Stories.

From the reviews thread:

Mission Accomplished for Capcom.

They now have their big-name flop so they can then use it as an excuse to stop supporting the Switch.


classic "Capcom"

flashes of Resident Evil Chronicles. If it does sell well they'll probaly rehash 2D Fighters on the system.
Japan. Why. Can't wait for original, single-player only Blazblue to determine whether or not Arc System Works has a place with the Switch next.


That is really stupid.

And here I though the DMC future determined by DMC4 remaster was stupid, but Capcom really outdid themselves here.


I'm just gonna go ahead and bookmark this thread for future Capcom threads when the discussion comes up as to why Capcom won't release certain games on the Switch
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