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Cool Rock added to Final Fantasy XV


i searched and didn't find anything about it here


Cool rock added! Our environment team is busy location hunting for a nice rocky area. Suggest a spot? #FFXV #FF15

not sure why they posted it like this , i mean,,,it a rock..WAIT

rock this thread if not giant enough


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They need to decide on a hashtag. Can't have two different hashtags floating around. Get your act together square!


They could save a ton of money if they just search in Google "cool rock pics and kitties reference"

Jokes aside. This is nice. Game is going to be spectacular.


"Hey, management is giving us ten bazillion yen. What should we do with it?"

"I dunno. Go on a vacation or something."

"But it needs to be work related."

"Then take pictures of rocks for modeling or something. I'm busy storyboarding for Final Fantasy XV-2 and 3 so management can make that ten bazillion yen back."


Ugh, look at that rock just sitting down there like a damsel-in-distress.

I mean, that boulder from NOMURA-SAMA's vision was so much more bad-ass.
I love how they're literally making this game up as they go along now. The pretence of a plan is gone and they're just having fun with it. And they're changing stuff at a whim.

It'll either all come together great, or be horrendous. And I'll love it either way because they've put so much effort into it.

Keep on rocking, guys.


For those who care and also happen to be unaware. He's using photogrammetry which is a process of taking many photos around an object to create a highly detailed model. They use this technique for basically all organic models and props. The gray card is used to calibrate the color of the textures in the image so the ingame rock matches the color of the real world rock.

This technique was also used in MGSV, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and many upcoming games.
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