Crytek to Announce 'Absolutely Fantastic' New Project [Likely Crysis 3]

"There are so many things I can't talk about," Button-Brown told CVG, stressing that the studio's still dedicated to triple-A development.

"A big part of our business is big budget console and PC games. We are doing all these other things, but they're on top of that and we're doing them because they're interesting.

"We still want to deliver the highest quality that we can, wherever we go," he added. "You know about Homefront, you know about Ryse. We are working on another project... [laughs] all three of which are looking really good."

Pressed for more detail, the games GM continued: "The other project looks absolutely fantastic - I mean, genuinely the best of that kind of project we've ever done.

"It looks spectacular, the team are doing really, really well and it's just really nice to see the team really enthusiastic about what they're doing. They're really happy.

"We're going to carry on doing those games. We like doing mobile games, we like doing free-to-play, but we also like blowing things up in a visually stunning style."

Last month an EA job ad confirmed it's working on a new title with Crytek, following its role as publisher of the first two Crysis games.
Crysis 3 please. 2 is one of the best FPS his gen. I hope it hits next gen systems for graphics/scope.
If Crysis 2 never happened, I would have agreed for a sequel. As long as it is on consoles it will never have a large scope that Crysis have.

I hope this isn't Crysis 3. That series is dead to me now.
"Crytek announcing absolutely fantastic top secret project. A 3rd entry to a great FPS series which revolutionized computer graphics. We can't say more on this secret project till April, hang on peeps."