DF - Lego Builder's Journey: Ray Tracing Showcase Hits PS5 - PC /Xbox Series X/S


There are no free lunches. The SoC on the PC5 needs room, for more than just the GPU.
The RT cores in Turing, for example, use around 10% of die space.
So if these consoles had RT units similar to nVidia, they would probably end-up with a 9 TFLOps PS5.
RDNA2 has ray-testing and ray-intersection units, just like Turing and Ampere. The difference is that nVidia also has units to accelerate BVH traversal.
On a console like the PS5, with low level API's it might be possible to implement custom BVH structures, per game, made by the developer.
This might help bridge the gap a bit.

That's one of the best ps5 isn't rdna2 and is 9 tflops I have seen for a while.

Nvm. Post is from April. I wondered why on page 2 every fucker is banned.
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