Diablo III: Reaper of Souls |OT3| Tyrael Looted: {[El'druin]}


"No one can stop Death, Nephalem." -Malthael, Angel of Death

__Welcome to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls__

Release Date: March 25, 2014 (Rise of the Necromancer add-on June 27, 2017)
Platforms: PC (Also available on PS4/PS3/XB1/X360)
Price: $19.99 USD, $39.99 USD Deluxe, $14.99 Rise of the Necromancer Pack
Parental Rating: ESRB M (17+), PEGI 18+
Genre: Action RPG w/ 1 to 4 Players
Official Website: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/
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Current Patch: 2.6.1

Whether you're a new to the Diablo series, new to Diablo III, or returning after being turned off by the original game, Reaper of Souls has almost everything you could want from a loot-based action RPG, and then some. The monsters are as cruel, the hits are as hard, and the gear is as glorious as they ever have been before. Released on February 25, 2014, Diablo III Patch 2.0.1 changed so much about the original game that a once fading community seemed to rise from the dead. Clans exist, the difficulty system is revamped, the auction house is gone, Paragon 2.0, loot is greater and geared toward your current character, and you can actually find legendaries on a regular basis! That was just in the base game, Reaper of Souls (and subsequent patches) adds entire layers upon layers on top. (Please note there's so much more to this game after this OT was originally designed, including things like Seasons, Kanai's Cube, Legendary Gems, Higher Torment Levels, that you will need to definitely look into!)

"The lords of Hell combined as the Prime Evil are defeated, the Nephalem stands tall as the victor and hero of all creation, but evil never truly diminishes. Some months after the victory of the Nephalem at The Crystal Arch, Tyrael and the reformed Horadrim have made it their goal to hide the Black Soulstone (near indestructible) from falling into the hands of men, demons, and angels alike. Just as they had found the perfect location in the extremely remote underground Tomb of Rakkis, only one has found them: Malthael, the now proclaimed Angel of Death. Taking the Black Soulstone for his own purposes, Tyrael sends for the Nephalem, as their power will be needed again."

What is Act V?
Act V takes place in Westmarch, a vast gothic city located west of Khanduras in Sanctuary that is mentioned, but never visited, throughout the Diablo series, until now. You'll travel from the lowest slums of the inner city, to the farthest reaches of the surrounding marshes, what awaits is both glorious and terrifying.

♦ New Enemies
♦ New Environments
♦ New Lore
♦ New Items
♦ New Events
♦ New Bosses

"Are you getting sick of hearing various demons telling you about their plans in story mode? Well in Adventure Mode, you'll instead get to enjoy the company of Tyrael's new-found humanity!"

What are Bounties?
Bounties are set tasks. For example, locate and kill a unique monster or boss, complete an event, or clear a dungeon and be rewarded with experience and gold. You access a Bounty by using the way-point map (M key by default) and selecting a way-point marked with an exclamation mark (!) or Diablo's skull icon (indicating boss or quest boss).

♦ You need to complete Campaign mode once to access Adventure mode and Bounties.
♦ There are 25 random bounties per game, with five in each act, which can be completed in any order.
♦ Completing five bounties in an act awards you a Horadric Cache from Tyrael with better exclusive loot the higher the difficulty setting.
♦ Bounty types can range from "Complete an Event" to "Clear a Dungeon" to "Kill monster/boss".
♦ Bounties are not repeatable in the same game. You need to leave and begin a new game to refresh the bounties available.
♦ Bounties will also grant you Blood Shards for you to turn into the new gambling NPC Kadala, the daughter of Diablo II's Gheed.
♦ As of patch 2.3, Bounties now award unique crafting mats that can be used in legendary crafting recipes or to extract legendary powers with the new Kanai's Cube.

What are Rifts?
Nephalem Rifts are a special type of area within Diablo III, designed to provide an intense challenge and fast paced action over a 5-15 minute fully-randomized dungeon crawl. They are reminiscent of boss runs from Diablo 2, but will take place in special dungeons with fully-randomized enemies and environments, and will therefore play unlike any of the normal Act game content (even the boss you face at the end of a rift is random!). Nephalem Rifts are enabled for free by approaching the Nephalem Obelisk in each act town, which are taken to a special NPC in town. Players may choose to explore multiple Nephalem Rifts in the same game. Only one Nephalem Rift can be active at a time.

♦ You gain a substantial additional chance for legendaries to drop while in Rifts (+100% or more, depending on the difficulty).
♦ Rift Guardians, the bosses of Nephalem Rifts, will always drop a lot of Blood Shards for you to turn into Kadala for gambling items, as well as one to three Greater Rift Keystones.
♦ Greater Rifts are like normal Nephalem Rifts, except can scale much higher in difficulty, are tracked and ranked on leaderboards, have no loot until the boss, have a 15-minute target time, and can provide you with unique Legendary Gems, extremely powerful items that level up in Greater Rifts as you do! A Greater Rift Keystone is required to open, one at a time. Greater Rifts are a great way to show everyone just how efficient you really are at slaying the armies of Hell.

"There are two types of playable Zakarum warriors, Paladins and their even beefier cousins, the Crusaders."

What are Crusaders?
Crusaders are the new playable class in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Crusaders are attune to the Strength attribute, same as Barbarians, and are a bit slower, but hit just as hard. Read more at the official website.

♦ Uses the power of Wrath, a resource similar to the Monk resource Spirit.
♦ Wield 1-handed and 2-handed flails as well as exclusive off-hand Crusader Shields.
♦ They have a unique passive that lets them wield a 2H weapon in 1H with a shield. (They cannot dual-wield at all.)

"Pounds more of love, life, and the pursuit of just one more level."

What awaits me at the new level cap?
Crusaders aren't the only class wielding new skills and weapons. Along with all the new exclusive Level 70 legendaries, every existing class gets one new active skill with five skill runes and three new passives starting from 61.

♦ Demon Hunters gain Vengeance, a DPS-enhancing transformation skill.
♦ Barbarians gain Avalanche, a near-spammable damage AoE.
♦ Wizards gain Black Hole, a strong crowd controller.
♦ Monks gain Epiphany, a nice utility transformation skill.
♦ Witch Doctors gain Piranhas, an AoE damage amplifier.

Don't forget that once you hit Level 70 the farming fun doesn't stop there! Paragon levels provide your characters with global infinite potential by allocating paragon points to keep your bad ass progressing!

"Ah Celdo, how nice of you to ask!"

What is the Mystic?
Myriam is a Vecin, or a traveling fortune-teller in the world of Sanctuary. You will meet her in Act V and she has two very nice functions. One to make you stronger, and one to make you cooler.

What is Enchanting?
Enchanting is the act of swapping out one item property for another. Get a near perfect item that you wish could have crit chance instead of reduced resource cost? Give the Mystic a try (or few).

♦ Only one (1) item property may be rolled per item.
♦ The same property may be re-rolled as many times as you want, but the more you roll, the more it costs you.
♦ Rarer items will cost you more materials and gold.
♦ Enchanting any item will bound it to your account.

What is Transmogrification?
Simply put, it's making your gear look like another piece of gear. Want your 1H mace to look like a sword? Transmog it!

♦ Normal transmogrification recipes become available as you upgrade the mystic.
♦ Legendary items become available as recipes as soon as you find or identify them. (This includes picking up items from your friends.)
♦ Special transmogrification recipes are available to those who meet requirements like advancing in a Season or buying the Collector's Edition of the game.
♦ Only items that can be dyed can also be transmogrified. (Helm, Shoulders, Gloves, Chest, Pants, Boots.)
♦ As of Patch 2.4.3, the Mystic can now also dye your items herself, with a small fee of gold.

"Hey, remember when Magic Find was a thing?"

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Special Thanks To
♥Yoshichan - For making a HYPE inducing OT1/OT2 and being a generally hype guy.
♥Ashodin - For getting the first clan hitting the ground running.
♥Raticus79 - For being a fantastic clan leader.
♥CarbonatedFalcon - For making the original OTs years ago.
♥Ryan_ - For making and managing the original clan thread.
♥Blizzard "Team 3" - For making Diablo III the wonderfully remade game it is today, Josh Mosquiera and team have done a fantastic job.
♥Diablo-GAF - For being awesome!

Shut up, Tyrael. You were cool once. Now you're just a grandpa rambling about anything that comes into your head. "Why do you keep glancing over at Kadala?" "My stomach feels strange." BEING A MORTAL IS NOT EASY.
Turn off gifs. It's not fucking hard if you have such strict caps.
Yeah, I think mobile GAF may actually default to gifs off? Either way yeah you can turn them off, I think you just can't hide gifs that are quoted since anything in quotes automatically shows on mobile.

Anyway a bit more on topic, I'm probably going to start gearing alts this season since I have nothing left to really gamble for on my main. I've been going off of this link on reddit, is this still fairly accurate? If I'm only looking to probably gear one set/playstyle for my alts (I'm probably not gonna put a ton of time in them) what should I go with, HotA for Barba and the DPS build for Monk? I don't know a whole lot about the specifics of other classes this season.
I don't want to join the clan, just farm T8 casually with people from here. My clan too serious when it comes to torment farming. I don't like it.
Well, after much gratuitous bitching, I finaly got an ancient Yangs. Of course, no native disc so I coulnt max the damage, but its still a nice bow. I'm shocked at how stupid easy t7 split bounty farming was.

Time to work on my season journey now.
Just wanted to say that finally on Saturday I finally got my Calamity. The blood sacrifices were mounting to finally the tipping point of paying off. My Demon Hunter is completed.

Monk is next. I hate how addicted I am.

I play because I am unhappy. I am unhappy because I play.
I don't want to join the clan, just farm T8 casually with people from here. My clan too serious when it comes to torment farming. I don't like it.
But if you aren't in the clan you won't see any Gaffers if they're not on your friendslist :/ . You want to eat your cake, you gotta have it first :D .
Hey dudes I asked this in the last thread RIGHT before this one was made:

Okay so I rolled a barb and I'm running the rend build.

I kind of hate it... The fury issues are too much for me at the level I'm playing.

Honestly my only goal is to hit solo GR 60. I hit 55 with my Crusader and I feel like that was the wall for her, so I'm going Barb.

Is the whirlwind build fun?

Just looking for some info since this is the first time I really played barb since vanilla.
Equip two BK swords and you never have to worry about fury running out again.

And, yeah, holding down a mouse button and rushing through a level is pretty fun. If only I didn't have to stop occasionally to pick up Death's Breaths.
I'm up to a point where I'm solo'ing T4 on my WD (I don't play too often and haven't gotten a lot of the pieces I want yet) and I've been having a blast. Cube is great, new rift rules are great, bounties are fun again...bring on expansion 2.

yay for OT3!


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Isn't there a rumor an expansion will be announced at Blizzcon?
Yup, seems plausible. They previously said they planned at least two expansions, and the timing works.

Strings related to "cursed realms" have been in the data mining for a while and some related variable names had the prefix "X2" (vs most others for RoS having X1), so I think there's a good chance there's an expansion in the works and cursed realms are a feature which was pushed back to that expansion.

From the ending of RoS, the premise of the expansion would be pretty interesting.
Time to get in touch with my Demon side
Equip two BK swords and you never have to worry about fury running out again.

And, yeah, holding down a mouse button and rushing through a level is pretty fun. If only I didn't have to stop occasionally to pick up Death's Breaths.
This is what I do for SS when just running normal rifts instead of FotVP, keeps my fury full and my uptime on WotB higher
That sounds ideal to me!

Isn't there a rumor an expansion will be announced at Blizzcon?
Metzen also mentioned that he would like to go to the void and rescue Leah. This was in an interview that was in the D3 CE.

Personally, I'm hoping they bring back some D1 and D2 bosses or maybe even Lilith and Inarius (nephalims parents). I just want to kick Mephisto and Baals asses again.
Whirlwind Barb is still very viable, but instead of running a Rend, I use Threatening Shout with Faltering Rune. The damage output is pretty high. I'm hoping a hellfire amulet will give me the Berserker passive as it'll push the DPS even higher. I can do T8 and T9 solo pretty well.
For the new thread jeej!

Pretty low drop rate. But it isn't a best in slot in cube for Docs Furnace is (same with Barbs, Wiz, Crusader)

I'm still looking for one for a Zuni build.

But if you want to climb the leaderboards, Helltooth is the easiest way.
I already have helltooth! :) But having this as a second is nice to have. So it is a low drop rate goddamn i am lucky with that starmetal kukri!

We made fun of so many lines in that horrendous story.

On mumble with a few EU gaffers i laughed my ass off about kormac...that guy that fucking guy.
For the new thread jeej!

I already have helltooth! :) But having this as a second is nice to have. So it is a low drop rate goddamn i am lucky with that starmetal kukri!

On mumble with a few EU gaffers i laughed my ass off about kormac...that guy that fucking guy.
SMK is still good for group builds. If you happen to find a group that doesn't mind your lag it's better to run SMK w/ BBV than Furnace. Yeah you do more solo DPS with Furnace but with SMK you're buffing 2-3 other people which evens it out.
Yeah if you're not soloing, you probably don't need piranhado that much(probably a monk pulling stuff with cyclone anyway) and it's way better to replace it with big bad voodoo and replace furnace with SMK, especially when you're pushing higher where most people skip elites anyway and just kill whites. Sadly if you're hellfire, you're probably lagging the shit out of everybody at the level it's better to swap, so not sure you're getting many groups. Maybe if you turn off all your area damage it works out ok, but your damage takes a massive nosedive from doing that.

And obviously SMK is core for Carnevil build, so it's definitely a good weapon to cube, although a good one can also be used for carnevil, even though it requires really good rolls(need attackspeed on it, plus the usual stuff, meaning you have to reroll the crit dmg off so the other rolls need to be high right away).

It's also really nice to have before a furnace when you're just starting if you get lucky, as it adds a lot of damage and makes your starting builds a lot stronger.


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i hope in the expansion they bring back the cool prime evils like mephisto and baal

the game should have been called mephisto and baal tbQh