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Did Game Pass just save Xbox?

Gavon West

That's why they need to acquire AB + some others after, they need to feed monster regularly.
Game pass needs heavy hitting games to be popular & to get constant growth.
This is what I'm saying right here. Posts like these are so inaccurate because it's already popular and it's already growing. It's been doing so since it's inception.

If this was a post made back in 2017, you'd have a point.


Quote: When you think Xbox, you think about best deal in gaming, Game Pass, hands down, no questions asked, 100%

I stopped reading right there, the first sentance, what a ridiculous statement. Its only a 'deal' if they have the games you want and for many gamers, they don't...it isn't a 'deal' at any price if they don't have the games.


I don't like gamepass since you don't own the games.
You still can buy games, even at discounted price if you are subscribed, in a meantime you can play more then 400 games what you will play only once in your life & forget it.
It is a good value for small monthly fee. And if you have kids you will be saved from constant wine "I need new games"


Gamepass for Xbox has essentially been:

Go Faster Wallace And Gromit GIF by Aardman Animations


2022 would like to have a word.
Yes go on. They lacked big AAA 1P games but released many other well received and well reviewed games.
Gamepass continued to drop some really good titles day one.
They had a great E3 showing off big upcoming releases and so far kept to their word.
As I said XB1 era trash.


Dunno if it saved xbox but it certainly made me use my PC for gaming more ... I've played more new games in the past 2 years than the last 10 combined thanks to game pass.

It's sort of like discovering new artist on Spotify
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