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Dirt 5: Digital Foundry Console Comparison - PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X/Series S + Performance - Every Game Mode Tested


Dec 11, 2008
XSX and PS5 basically identical in all 60Hz modes, slightly better AF on PS5. Start of races also has slightly higher resolution on PS5. Single digit framerate advantages in some areas on PS5.

120Hz mode PS5 shit on XSX image quality. Probably a bug DF guess. Xbox marketing not doing much.

Difficult for DF to measure 120Hz but XSX seems to hit 120 more often.

Series S 600p in 120Hz. Other modes nice in 1080p TV.
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Feb 10, 2020
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Yet again, another win for the best place to play multiplats.

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Aug 21, 2015
Yikes. This one is blood bath. :messenger_fearful:

WTF is going on with Microsoft?

I suspect that the issue is that game developers received their XSX and XSS dev-kits later than they when they received their PS5 dev-kits and that they had to split their development time between the XSX and XSS. Also, the software support (drivers and Application Program Interfaces) probably needs to be updated.


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Jul 3, 2019
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Are all these problems just due to the tools or something else? This is all just really strange to me. Microsoft really needs to be more transparent.

i keep thinking about what Mark cerny said about bottlenecks, they really went all out to try and rectify that problem.
All those scrubbers and things like that.

I think its possible Microsofts machine just has a lot more bottlenecks in them, that might be the difference.
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May 1, 2010


Aug 21, 2015
Abou that.

Damn, that's bad.

Don't make me link that video interview where the technical director of this game said XsX dev tools were not behind Sony's.

Then the issue must be the difficulty of programming for the XSX's architecture; the asymmetrical memory distribution is probably hard to program for.


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Mar 19, 2013
Shameless stole from chandoog on ERA.


- Only covering 'next-gen' versions. PS5 Series S|X
- "Bug" in SDR mode which may make PS5 look darker, developers are looking into it.
- Game has 3 modes. Image Quality Mode, Resolution Mode, Performance Mode.

- Image Quality Mode
- Focused on boosting world detail.
- Higher rez shadow, AO, draw distance.
- All versions target 4K but w/ dynamic scaling. 1440p to 4K
- Series S tops out at 1440p but mostly 1080p or below.
- PS5 has higher average resolution and texture filtering.
- Targets 60 FPS and PS5|Series X mostly deliver.
- Both tear a bit, VRR solves Xbox issue.
- Series S the worst of the 3 but not that bad.

- Resolution Mode
- Targets 4K and sticks close to it most often.
- Series S still mostly sticks to 1080p range.
- Details like AO, Shadows etc lower than Image Quality mode.
- Series S has other cut backs like grass levels.
- All 3 consoles give the best performance in this mode. Very stable with very minor slowdown.
- Series S is the slowest of the 3, but very minor difference.

- Frame Rate / Performance Mode
- Targets 120hz w/ dynamic scaling.
- 900p to 1440p avg on PS5/Series X
- Series S as low as 570p.
- Detail level on PS5 is significantly higher than both Xbox versions in this mode
- Cars detail, geometric detail, grass, tessellation, environmental geometry takes a big hit on Xbox consoles.
- DF theorizes this is likely a bug. They have been told the developers are looking into it.
- Feels very very smooth. Series S fares the worst of the 3, but again not by that much.
- 120hz mode is very smooth by and large, PS5 has performance dips on a specific type of track.
- XB Series X feels the smoothest here additionally thanks to VRR


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Mar 31, 2011
Abou that.

This has to be a bug from the unified dev environment.
The wrong preset settings were loaded because thats a stark stark difference that couldnt be accounted for even with dev environment bottlenecks.

I watched it and it looks no better than GT6 or Forza 4... and let’s not even compare with Forzas for Xbox One or GTS/DriveClub.

It does 120Hz.

You just forgot what Forza 4 looked like (and at what Res) which is why you think this looks like a mobile game.
Im assuming you are agreeing with Chernos outlook on the game if not be more clear with your posts.


Aug 31, 2017
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This is definitely the biggest win so far for ps5 as the series x version looks broken without anisotropic filtering and texture details.

The 120fps mode of ps5 though looks awful.

So again both versions have plus points and minus points.

Ps5 needs vrr.

120fps modes on these "next generation" consoles are garbage in comparison to how I've been playing 120fps games on my high powered pc.

Xbox and Phil Spencer should have delayed the launch of the two consoles as both are underperforming massively and its looking terrible for them.

If the improved api or whatever some are saying doesn't come out soon then its over for Phil Spencer.
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