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The game is set in a parallel universe in the Devil May Cry series. It starts with Dante recovering from a hangover when he is attacked by a Hunter demon. Dante learns he is in Limbo City, a dreary city that appears calm at first, but transforms into a twisted parody of itself with demons and other monstrosities who frequently attempt to kill him whenever he is seen by the demons. After confronting a demon, Dante meets a girl named Kat who sends him to meet the leader of "The Order", an organization labeled by the press as terrorist. The Order is fighting against Limbo's demons and its leader Vergil expects Dante to join them. While fighting enemies Dante learns he is Nephilim the offspring of a demon and an angel. During the game, Dante is frequently taunted and stalked by the demon Mundus, who seeks to have Dante killed.

Dante - A Nephilim (Demon-Angel hybrid) born of Eva (Angel) and Sparda (Demon), he's Vergil's brother, but mostly got stuck in orphanages/foster homes and demon run places after his parents were out of the picture. Welds familiar weapons such as Rebellion and his pistol set Ebony & Ivory (also the shotgun is back as well). Has a potty mouth.

Vergil - Dante's brother and also Nephilim, Vergil got adopted by a rich family compared to Dante's constantly getting fucked over by demon run instiutions. Still, he hates the demons. Ontop of being adopted by a rich family, he wrote and sold a "security encryption program" before he even left school, making him even more rich. Uses his money to run The Order, of which he is the leader.

Kat - Human psychic who uses squirrel spunk/semen infused paint to create a door between dimensions.

Mundus/(also known as Kyle Ryder) - Mundus is essentially leader of both demonic version of Limbo City, as well as the human realm's version. Mundus uses Raptor to look like a rich Philantropist, and wants to rule the entirety of the Human world, but Dante and the Order are serving as obstacles to his goals.

Lilith - Owner of the Devil's Daliance, and Mundus's demon mistress, has a lucious head of hair.

Bob Bardas - A talking head for Raptor News Network, takes every opportunity to shit on Dante and the Order.


- Rebellion : Sword able to shift into different forms.
- Ebony and Ivory : Pistols with unlimited ammo.
- Revenant : Shotgun that is a shotgun.
- Kablooey : Magic dart cannon thing.
- Osiris : Angel scythe.
- Aquila : Angel shurikens.
- Arbiter : Demon axe.
- Eryx : Demon gauntlets.

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Preorder Bonuses

(no info on whether anyone but steam is getting this one free yet)

Hall of Shame

To be clear thismassive shitstorm was basically due to them changing Dante's hairstyle right? Anyone complaining bout that needs to get a life seriously
I want people to read this. It's not a review, but I feel it's still relevant.

That's only just a small portion, but it's the part that should kick in the balls of most people still throwing a hussy fit.


Disclosure: I worked with Brenna for 18 months at VG247 before I left it and she is sickeningly one of the best writers I've ever known in the games industry and I think this backs it up.
This is actually the first DMC I've actually been excited about in a while. I like his design, got so sick of the original Dante...maybe it was the red coat and awful haircut or his "badass" attitude. I hope I'll be able to pick this up in the next few months.


bish gets all the credit :)
DMC |OT| And Dino was his name-o

Release dates
PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
JP January 17, 2013
NA January 15, 2013
EU January 18, 2013

Microsoft Windows
January 25, 2013

For all our new players

For all our longtime players

Ontop of being adopted by a rich family, he wrote and sold a "security encryption program" before he even left school, making him even more rich.
Because being a computer programmer was such a huge part of Vergil's character.
Disgusting pre-order bonuses.

Also, no one gives a shit about characters in a DmC game (or the story outside of Vergil/Dante), honestly.

I liked what I played of the demo, even if it was really ugly. Hoping the PC version looks good.
I get to review this for the local game store I freelance for.

Thankfully it will languish in obscurity where DmC haters will never find it if I happen to like the game : )