DmC |OT| No, F*ck You!

That OT Title tag made me wonder what this was all about!

Ah, Dante & Ninja Theory. Good OT, been replaying some DMC4 to get in the spirit. Probably won't pick this up until later though.
Gonna get the PC version. I think a lot of this pre-release hate is unjustified, and I think the game will prove people wrong.
I actually kind of feel the same way.
I'm not getting this full price, though. Steam summer sale or Amazon sales most likely.
My gaming goal for 2013 is to stop buying every game I'm remotely interested in on Day 1 at full price like I did for pretty much every game in 2012.
You guys care far, far too much about the lack of two letters in the Thread Title, fucking hell.

Anyway, I still can't get over the lack of lock-on in the demo, the combat feels so much worse without it. Will be waiting on impressions before I pull the trigger.
nice OP. all these closeted haters of the game will come out in droves and buy this.

got mines on pre order. cant wait!
What's a closeted hater? I don't think you're using that word right.

Or maybe you're implying everyone who hates the game is a secret homosexual. I think you could get in trouble for that!
how many copies left to sell to reach those 5 million

I say that anyone who wants to play this game should get the PC/Steam ver. since it'll run at 60 FPS.

On, it can be bought for under $40-
I think there is another code that offers a 20% discount on titles but I don't know if works with this.
Oh and you can reclaim $2 if you make your purchase as well, so technically speaking you can get it for around $35.
35 usd for this masterpiece. how can anyone resist