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Doom announced (id/Bethesda, PC/PS4/XB1, idtech6, 1080p/60fps, gore), first details


Edit: And the demo is over.


The stream is off and it's Doom 4 time. First up: the trailer we saw a few weeks ago. Next: exec producer Marty Stratton.

"The game is called Doom, not Doom 4. It's an origin game, reimagining everything about the originals."--Stratton

"The game begins just outside of a massive research facility on the surface of Mars."--Stratton

Today's reveal will focus on combat, which is what the team has been focusing on.

First combat mechanic: demons. Mechanical, corrupt, hell knights.

Second mechanic: guns. Conventional guns. "Big" guns. The double barrel shotgun got a round of applause.

Doom will focus on high-speed movement and run-and-gun. Just like the old days.

Just saw some stills of an exterior, street-size level. Some combat will be hand-to-hand.

There will be a live gameplay demo on stage.

Doom will run on idTech 6, according to Stratton. Will support 1080p, 60 frames per second.

Gameplay demo getting started. Tons of gray steel walls, flames, and a shotgun that is comically large.

A key feature will be stunning enemies with a shot, then smashing their face with your boots. It's happened five times already.

A new twist on finding the yellow keycard: year off a corpse's arm and use it to open a handprint scanner.

Breaking: barrels just exploded. Repeat, we have exploding barrels.

Doesn't look like health regenerates. Enemies drop health when you squish them.

A demon just ripped the player's arms off and beat him to death with them. The room is breaking out into a standing ovation.

An adorable custodial droid is trying to clean up all the blood. It is not succeeding.

The player is now exploring a dank, Mars cave system. This looks like some of the atmospheric horror from Doom 3.

The hand-to-hand kill moves are varied and fantastically gory. And here comes the chainsaw.

There's a huge variety of enemies on display. Small demons swarming with giant bullet-sponges.

And the demo ends with the reveal of the giant, horned demon we saw in the teaser. An explosive demo, and more than we thought we'd see.

"We'll talk about the fast paced competitive multiplayer later"

Game has a weapon wheel

Demo was played with an Xbox controller on a PC

"When can *I* see this?"

Well, hopefully this is just a mistake, but: http://bethsoft.com/en-us/news/the-next-doom-at-quakecon

The Next DOOM at QuakeCon

You've been clamoring for it for years, and now the wait is almost over. As announced in our E3 teaser trailer, fans in attendance at QuakeCon 2014 will have the opportunity to get a sneak peak at what’s been going on with the new DOOM game from id Software.

This an exclusive thing we are doing for attendees as part of our Annual QuakeCon Welcome presentation. We'll have plenty more to show everyone next year, but we didn’t want another QuakeCon to go by without doing something for the amazing QC community and id supporters that have been with us for more than 20 years.


Any mention of the Gore?



All I'm hearing is "gore gore gore," which isn't terribly interesting.

Now Doom was obviously a violent series, but silly over-the-top gore isn't really what the games were all about. Some of the games that took influence from it like Rise of the Triad and Blood - and of course mods like Brutal Doom - were far more about that.


I just hope there isn't too much emphasis on melee combat and these 'killing moves' some of the people are talking about on Twitter. Other than that the impressions sound good so far. Here's to some shaky cam footage soon!


Now I only need some confirmations of really good weapons sounds and I will be set day one for this, I don't want another Wolfenstein situation on my hands.
A key feature will be stunning enemies with a shot, then smashing their face with your boots. It's happened five times already.

As a flashy finisher or out of necessity to conserve ammo? I'm picturing Resident Evil 4 and 5 based on that note.


i want this so bad. I still love Doom 3 and don't understand all the hate it gets. even replaying it on PS3 was awesome. more fun than i get from a lot of modern FPS.


No health regen + "keyhands" gives me hope even if all the focus on gore makes this sound like Brutal Doom 2.0. ( ._.)

e: also hope there's some newer implementation of megatextures in idtech6


Most of those details sound good enough, although it's difficult to tell if it's going to be Doom or Doom: Fan Service. Somewhat optimistic for it to be as good as Rage, at least.
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