DOOM (Holiday 2017) and Wolfenstein II (2018) Announced for Nintendo Switch

Can we finally agree that Nintendo is Doomed?

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Jul 25, 2015
I'm willing to bet they'll do whatever downgrading necessary to get 60fps. This is a very fast paced game at points.

I feel like I remember you being a Metroid Prime fan, and if you haven't played DOOM yet it reminds me (and others) a lot of how Metroid Prime plays. So yeah I'd give this a try.
Safe bet :p But yes, we've talked about Metroid together and I'm a Prime fan :).

I've been a fan on the sides of Bethesda's "alternate" approach to FPS, i.e. campaign focused, divergent gameplay from current norms, and story focus in the case of Wolfenstein. I just haven't supported them yet :p. It sounds like a cool thing their developers have got going.
Oct 11, 2010
Has this been brought up yet? SnapMap isn't in the Switch version and the physical version only includes the single player campaign - the multiplayer portion is going to be a downloadable free update due to size constraints, however it will feature all the updates and DLC that's been released.

I can live with that honestly.
I'd rather multiplayer be cut out and snap map in
Dec 11, 2010
That's...way better than I was expecting? I don't see any significant geometry compromises, it looks like its mostly in the lighting? The nerf to the specular effects is going to hurt that game's look though
The texture work or whatever it is on the cradle the stone/cradle/whatever the armour is sitting inside of looks bad on Switch, but otherwise it holds up well in close shots. I expect the main difference will be long distance things and lighting, along with lower overall texture resolution. Your hands and the enemies will probably be good while less important environmental bits and pieces, crates etc will suffer disproportionately.
Jun 7, 2004
looks like they are using a lot of blur and DoF on Switch to mask some of the deficiencies. I hope that doesn't hurt the overall visual quality too much. Doom is a game that relies so much on being super smooth and fast. Frame rate will be the key here.
Aug 31, 2013
Been wanting to play Doom for a while but haven't had the chance. Glad I didn't buy the PS4 version.

So the only thing that I need now is a port of Dark Souls 1 and Batman Return to Arkham and I'll be pretty effin happy with the ports on the Switch.
Jan 8, 2016
If the texture downgrades are really just due to storage size and we're basically taking a resolution hit and a lighting downgrade to run DOOM on a Nintendo Switch that's wild
I mean reducing the texture resolution has the added benefit of reducing the RAM and GPU load in addition to file size, so it seems like a no brainier.

But like I said before, the Switch supporting Vulkan should likely make this much easier to port without losing much fidelity. It was an excellent future proofing decision by Nintendo.

Please for the love of god have optional gyro aiming.
Seconded. Skyrim has it for bow aiming so hopefully whoever is actually porting this has also been told to include it.
Apr 21, 2015
Yeah textures took a notable hit for sure.

That said in portable mode it will probably be actually really impressive. Smaller screen to notice the flaws as well as it looks like the geometry holds up very well between versions.

Remains to be seen in the final product but right now looking like solid / impressive work imo
Nov 14, 2012
I did hope for portable DOOM if Bethesda continued Switch support and Bethesda was already on top of it. I'm legit shook at Wolfenstein 2 coming to Switch.

It is a great sign for the system. Easily getting Wolfenstein 2 on Switch over getting it on PS4 or PC now. 3rd parties just have to give me the choice and I'd pick Switch every time.