Dragonball DS announced (based on the original dragonball :O) [Coming to US/Euro! :o]

Sep 8, 2005
Darunia said:
One of the scans has Bulma (at least I think it's her, no DB expert) in a really weird pose, with the DS gap functioning as a censor bar, what the fuck is up with that
That's in the original manga. Bulma, after being rudely awakened from her nap, hops on her bike with Goku on the back to pay a visit to the old hermit perv. In order to win a favour from him, she pulls up the overly large shirt she slept in not too long ago to let him have a peek. Keep in mind just before she woke up, Goku took her panties off for whatever reason and finds out the difference between males and females. Anyways, this is the reason why you see the old perv get a bloody nose; this happens twice in the same issue iirc.

Tho one thing not mentioned is, there's also a page with new VP DS shots! Looks great imo.
Jan 11, 2008
FlashbladeGAF said:
In the manga Bulma lost her pantys for some reason (I cant remember) so when she goes to lift up her shirt to get what she wants from master Roshi she didn't realize she didn't have them on.

That is one of the reasons the gap is so big...well atleast IMO
a bit off topic but what anime is your avatar from?


Oh, bitch bitch bitch.
Oct 24, 2007
Pachinko said:
I don't think we need to draw out the scans here really , just picture dragonquest 9 style graphics. I'm suprised people are going apeshit over the 3rd valyrie profile for ds.
Its Valkyrie Profile...thats why
May 27, 2006
Ferrio said:
I swear, we shouldn't even make threads about more if we don't have scans. Even when you do, people just go to another location look at them, then talk about them on this board. Really what the hell are we preventing?
Comfort? Time efficiency? Like people would otherwise import Famitsu from Japan and wait weeks so that it would finally arrive so you can look at a couple of pictures. I can understand no western scans but this.. everyone just goes to other websites that post the scans (and those websites normally only post Famitsu scans).

Anyway, pro-gamers.fr has direct feed screenshots, I'll post a few here:

More here
Mar 16, 2008
Toriyama characters are getting a ton of play these days~

Dragon Quest games,
Dragon Ball DS,
Dr. Slump: Arale-chan is coming out too!
Nov 14, 2006

I can't believe how much they nailed the original DragonBall series. I always thought there'd be so much potential in a game that just followed the show's storyline from start to finish.
Apr 23, 2008
ITA84 said:
Hopefully they'll localize this, it looks quite promising.
Has there been any game in the franchise (excluding the arcade games) that was not released outside of Japan in recent years?

Princess Skittles said:
It would time itself PERFECTLY to market next to the live action movie (which covers the Piccolo arc).
I remember seeing a recent scan of the game, with a page covering the movie immediately followed.