Dual Shock 4 lightbar can't be turned off

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In response to a question on Twitter of whether the lightbar can be deactivated to conserve the controller's battery, Yoshida simply wrote "no."
Source: Polygon.

So here we got it. Lightbar on the Dual Shock 4 can't be turned off.

Personally I don't think it'll affect much, maybe in those really dark horror games, as my Samsung LED-TV is real glossy.
Battery-wise I don't expect it to be that much of an issue. Probably a couple (or a big) LED lights to light up the whole silicon cover like with the Move controller, so whatever.

It might mess up with the mood of some games, but maybe said games already have an option to turn down the light of the controller so it shouldn't be an issue.
I use a monitor with anti-glare and my controller is in my lap so I really won't be affected. Sucks for people who will get reflections. Here's hoping they give us an option via firmware to turn it off. Dunno how much battery it can save but it would be nice to have.
read this on VG247 this morning... and I´m sad... I play at night in my bedroom, fuck me .. my wife is going to kill me if I´m playing with a freaking flashlight on at night..


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I guess this is the kind of thing that happens when you plan to have the camera connected all the time and then you decide to remove it at the last minute


I wanted to dominate the living room. Then I took an ESRAM in the knee.
That is probably as silly as the fact that you can't turn off the Wii U gamepad's screen in games that only mirror the TV on it. (You can turn it off, but every button press on the gamepad itself turns it on again).
Seems like a holdover from when they were still thinking of the camera as an important part of the PS4 package.
It has other functions and they probably want them to be always available.

Not that players probably care at all for such silly nonsense. Tho I would take REmake 2 with lightbar showing your condition.
Unless you have a gloss display, this is a non issue.

I just took my brightest LED flashlight and experimented at different angles in both a lit and unlit room. Other than the fill light of the flashlight, there was no reflection from the source light.

The DS4 is not going to have a light that powerful. It's got a translucent diffuser of the LED as well.


I wanted to dominate the living room. Then I took an ESRAM in the knee.
I have already taped over the LED on my laptop charger among other things. Guess I will be doing the same to my controller
I don't get why every shitty device has to have a useless bright-as-fuck LED these days. It is so annoying when you want to watch a movie in your darkened home cinema.


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I think I could enjoy the game without this revolutionizing feature.
Not to mention, the light is on the back of the controller. Nobody has explained to me how this 'the light tells you things about the game' is supposed to work when the light faces away from you.