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E3 2015 | Nintendo Digital Event


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Membero Americo
Sep 12, 2010

NintendoGAF IRC Chat: https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=#neshaders&server=studio64.yi.org

http://www.twitch.tv/team/nintendo (List and links to every official Nintendo stream on Twitch)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arFsxZ8QWPM (Youtube NA stream)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85EcCT2hzhU (Japanese Youtube Stream)

Liveblog Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/live/v3313wqr9pgj
Liveblog Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2015/06/16/liveblog-nintendos-wii-u3ds-event-at-e3-2015/
Liveblog Ars Technica: http://live.arstechnica.com/nintendo-at-e3-2015/
Liveblog Tech News Today: http://www.technewstoday.com/liveblog/nintendo-e3/

Rumor: Paper Mario Wii U is in development by Intelligent System
Rumor: Is Retro Studio going to announce a new game?
It's been 5 years since the last Metroid game, is it time for a new one?
Yoshi's Woolly World is releasing in a week in Europe will NA get a release date?
Hyrule Warriors for 3DS leaked earlier last week.
Mario Maker is set to have a big presence at E3.
Blast Ball: A new Metroid Prime Hun... a sci-fi team-based soccer shooter game. Was revealed during the Nintendo World Championship. We might see more of it at the Digital Event.
Star Fox Wii U should have its grand reveal.
Where are the Project (Guard, Robot) games?

Coming soon!
Feb 27, 2014
Here's my prediction card. I'm not including anything that was already dealt with in the pre-E3 Micro Direct; we're not going to see the likes of Mario & Sonic Rio or Chibi-Robo at all, or as a two-second flash in a sizzle reel at most.

(I am cautiously understating my confidence that Metroid will indeed show up.)

Known and securely expected

- Star Fox title, details, footage, and release window
- Super Mario Maker release details (pre-included stages, sharing features)
- 8-bit Mario and Animal Crossing Amiibo
- Hyrule Warriors 3DS
- Blast Ball, whatever it is

Awaited information

- Xenoblade X release window and first localized footage
- Splatoon additional modes and DLC past August
- Fire Emblem If western release plan (i.e. single or multiple editions)
- Release plan for Happy Home Designer, Amiibo cards, and NFC peripheral

Reasonable guesses (pick four)

- Brief mention/teaser of Zelda to affirm it's still coming, possibly with a title
- Pokémon Z for n3DS (if not exclusive, then certainly optimized to push it)
- Pokken confirmed for Wii U (assuming it isn't too early in the arcade cycle)
- One forthcoming SSB4 fighter
- One unknown small-scale spinoff of a core IP
- One unexpected license of a first-party IP to a third party
- One n3DS-exclusive port of a GC/Wii title
- Whatever happened to Giant Robot/Guard

Outside possibilities (pick two)

- Animal Crossing U (assuming the Amiibo line hints at this and not Happy Home Designer)
- Metroid (this is the year!)
- Non-Olympic Mario sports title (please be Strikers)
- Paper Mario U
- SMTxFE (I very much doubt we'll get it in NA/EU until after E3 2016, but we might see another tease)
- SNES Remix
- One Splatoon-sized push for an original IP
- One revival of something very dead (Ice Climber?)
- One HD remaster for Wii U
- GameCube Virtual Console (not everything needs analogue L/R—cf. TTYD, Path of Radiance)

Anticipated but arguably too region-specific for the main show

- Yoshi's Woolly World (NA) release date and Amiibo bundles
- Virtual Console games already released in JP/EU (Zero Mission, Star Successor, etc.)
- Successor loyalty programme to Club Nintendo

Not holding my breath in the slightest

- Substantial Zelda gameplay (denied)
- NX, mobile games, or Iwata's QOL sleep monitor (denied)
- Wii U hardware revision
- Devil's Third (shoved under the rug)
- Mother 3 localization (it's coming, but not yet)
- Advance Wars
- A new exclusive from PlatinumGames
- F-Zero
- Clu Clu Land Uprising
- The goddamned 3D Mario that will finally get SM64 kids to shut up about 3D World not being "real"