EA Confirms Anthem for March 2019

I bought 2 EA games since ME2 (TF2 and DA:I for 5 euro) and somehow I'm still swimming in backlog of good single player games that aren't designed to bleed players dry with forced multi.
And yet, here you are. This game looks to be fun, that's all I care about and I never buy any microtransactions.
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I'm surprised to see such low interest over Anthem. I think the design and appeal are quite decent.

HOWEVER, I'm personally dodging it because I can't stand offcentered cameras.
There's definitely a certain appeal to it. Flying around and blasting stuff like Iron Man seems pretty cool.

But here's why I think interest may be low (and I'm not sure it actually is. GAF isn't always the best barometer for this kind of thing):

EA. When Andromeda was received poorly, EA cut and ran.

Competition. Division comes out two weeks later.

The perception that BioWare is no longer BioWare.

What was shown at E3 was too little for a massive game that launches in under a year.

It seems a little too much like Destiny.

The EA/BioWare marketing spiel seems a little too much like Activision/Bungie's run up to the Destiny launch.


One really creepy thing I do is just repeatedly shit on GAF while sarcastically calling it a "top tier gaming forum" so feel free to report me if I keep doing this.
At the moment its day 1 looks so good, I just hope the game is challenging with four players

Its the one game I would mind buying DLC for if it was things like extended areas
Imma pass. No proof that it's played on Consoles with those graphics. It's an EA game so it'll be downgraded and riddled with Microtransactions. Pass.

When players defeat an enemy in co-op, loot is instanced. Basically, it’s not shared, and each player gets their own.

We also learn that you actually need four players to do the Stronghold endgame activity. You can’t go solo or with an incomplete squad. That being said, there is matchmaking, so finding people to go with shouldn’t be an issue.

Strongholds are not part of the campaign, but they’re high-difficulty endgame experiences. Story missions can be played solo. They’re easier with a group of four, but they adjust automatically depending on group size. Missions are “relatively linear.” On the other hand, free play is “wide open.”

When you complete a mission with a group, you remain linked even after you go back to your base. This means that if you want to go do something else with the same people afterward, you can do so without having to redo the party.

Players will be able to create different freelancers on the same account, so you won’t be limited to a single persona if you’d like to have alts.

Last, but not least, Gear can be used across multiple loadouts so you won’t need multiple copies if you want to use the same piece of gear across different equipment sets. Gear is specific to each kind of Javelin.