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Elf Bowling.... the movie??? (2007)


or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Realize This Assgrab is Delicious
Somehow this videogame movie slipped passed us GAF. I report, you decide. :p

It's from 2007. I'm sure it was direct to DVD. It's on Netflix (in Canada, anyway). I just can't believe it exists. The game barely has a right to exist, let alone a film...

So now that you know... what will you do with that information??


Aaand... up for Instant Watch in the US.

Totally watching this while I work tonight.

Edit: Okay so the basic premise is Santa is a pirate... who bowls against his crew for money, and when he's caught cheating he and his brother are tossed overboard in a mutiny. What.


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This film looks so awful
and it still has better animation than Hoodwinked did

I must own it on DVD.
SovanJedi said:
This film looks so awful and it still has better animation than Hoodwinked did.

Oh god Hoodwinked looked like a rat's arsehole. Shame, because it's otherwise fairly entertaining.


Prentice said:
I like how the trailer narrator reassures the audience several times that Elf Bowling is indeed a recognizable brand :lol .

It's not a trailer for the patrons, it's a sales pitch to theatres/distributers.


I got 15 minutes into it, and then my internet died for three hours.

From what I did get to see before my modem killed itself for reprieve did involve Pirate Santa demanding to know "WHO POOPED IN THE PEANUT BARREL?" so I think it's safe to say this movie is pretty cracked out. Will finish tomorrow.
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