Evolution 2014 Fighting Game Tournament of the Year July 11th - 13th

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Mrs. Harvey

♦ Official Trailer ☞ Link ♦ Official EVO site ☞ Link

International presence surpasses 800 competitors with 46 countries represented.

EVO Multitwitch three streams in one ♦ EVO Stream one ♦ EVO Stream two ♦ Capcom Fighters Stream three

♦ There will be a subscription model to watch Evolution 2014.
Pay a one time fee of $12 to last the whole duration of the event (And until the next EVO) and gain access to chat, no ads and custom emotes.
All proceeds will go towards an annual EVO college scholarship for gamers.

♦ Custom Emotes you could use with a subscription.

♦ If you cannot subscribe, the TS/MCZ/GAF/NRS/IRC/IMO/Laptop destroyer Arturo Sanchez Poverty Chat is a free place you can always go to converse with other viewers. ☞ Link

♦ GAF will have it's own poverty for those who do not want to deal with the craziness of the regular poverty chat. My personal stream will be used. Link.

♦ Once again, for 2014, Nico Nico and EVO will be teaming up to bring you Japanese coverage of EVO all weekend long on their site.
No premium account required to watch the free Japanese commentary. Stream link here.

♦ IGN, a sponsor this year, will also have coverage of the tournament. Link.

♦ EVO is also a Capcom Pro Tour event with points being distributed to respective finishes.

♦ Player guide - For tournament format, rules and other related information. Link
♦ Official pools and brackets for all games can be viewed here.

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of this post - 1979

♢ MCZ Daigo
♢ MCZ Mago
♢ Hori Sakonoko
♢ Infiltration
♢ Team Pie Smug
♢ TS Sabin
♢ EG Ricky Ortiz
♢ Bonchan
♢ Diginitas Ryah Hart
♢ CCC Chi Rithy
♢ Razer Xian
♢ Snake Eyez
♢ Mizoteru
♢ Razer Fuudo
♢ Nuki
♢ Kazunoko
And many more..........

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of this post - 1014

♢ GG Chris G
♢ CTRL Rayray
♢ CTRL Flux
♢ UGC Cloud 805
♢ RG Filipino Champ
♢ Scrubeks
♢ UGC Paradigm
♢ Jan
♢ BT Viscant
♢ BT MarlinPie
♢ TA Frutsy
♢ RG Flocker
♢ Abegen
♢ Killer Kai
♢ Bifu Coach Steve
♢ DJ Huoshen
And many more........

♦ Number of pre-registered players as of this post - 970

♢ P4K EMP | Mew2king
♢ EMP | Armada
♢ Crs.Hungrybox
♢ C9 Mang0
♢ Leffen
♢ Westballz
♢ VGBC | Hax
♢ Axe
♢ Fly Amanita
♢ Lucky
♢ Ice
♢ Lord HDL
♢ Javi
♢ VGBC | aMSa
♢ FRQ | HugS
And many more...........

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of this post - 508

♢ N-O
♢ Jiyuna
♢ Kogatan
♢ Bananaken
♢ Tiku
♢ Matoi
♢ Ivysaur
♢ Spark
♢ dsmoove
♢ Murishinjyu
♢ Galileo
♢ Pops
♢ Grandia
♢ Brkrdave
♢ Stunedge
♢ Huey253
♢ TS LordKnight
And many more.......

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of this post - 338

♢ RG Rico Suave
♢ EG Justin Wong
♢ EG PR Balrog
♢ FloE
♢ KPB Dreamcrusher
♢ TFA/RZR Jody the great
♢ Grimmmmz
♢ NeoGAF Maximillian
♢ GGA Dizzy
♢ KN RM CDjr
♢ Delriach
♢ Filthy Rich
♢ Dr Dogg
♢ CEO Jebailey
♢ Level Up Alex Valle
And many more.........

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of this post - 311

♢ Theo
♢ Jupiter
♢ Sonic Fox
♢ Forever King
♢ Forever King Jr
♢ 16 Bit
♢ Pimpimjim
♢ Max
♢ Whiteboi
♢ Noobe
♢ Wound Cowboy
♢ Blind Ducky
♢ Deg
♢ Pig of the Hut
♢ Tyrant
♢ Honeybee
And many more.............

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of this post - 319

♢ Woo
♢ Rinomoto
♢ M'
♢ Dune
♢ Sange
♢ Kaoru
♢ KouKou
♢ Gutts
♢ MCZ Tokido
♢ Verna
♢ Lacid
♢ Qanba Xiaohai
♢ Kleber Yagami
♢ Toshi
♢ Violent Kain
♢ ZeroBlack
♢ Juicebox
And many more.......

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of this post - 257

♢ Mcp gen
♢ Ao
♢ Zeugaru
♢ KuroKuro
♢ Kousukep
♢ Anakin
♢ Inkognito
♢ Mr. Naps
♢ Lil Majin
♢ Bronson Tran
♢ JustFrameJames
♢ NYCFab
♢ WayGamble
♢ PotatoBrain
♢ USMCOgre
And many more............

♦ Q, our resident anime FGC player has his dreams of going to EVO come true thanks to FGC GAF and the help of boss Shouta.
Be sure to root for him.

(anime representation of Q)

♦ MadCatz along with running their own booth selling items will be streaming various side tournaments and happenings. Stream will be run by stream monster favorite Bifuteki.
Schedule for their stream is listed below.

And no tournament, major would be complete without MadCatz deals.

One of their exclusive EVO only items is a MadCatz sanwa buttons.

Also. MadCatz will have Daigo Umehara and Haitani theme shirts for sale.

For complete information and other content, check out their site.

♦ Arcade Shock will be selling exclusive Chibi Street Fighter Sanwa buttons and balltops at EVO. The products will also be available on their website during the tournament.
You can preorder the items now at their online store. A 40th very exclusive button will be sold only at EVO.

♦ Atlus is providing a $1000 pot bonus to Persona 4 Arena side tournament. More here.

♦ All participants of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will receive an exclusive t-shirt courtesy of Bandai Namco.

♦ Mike Watson will be selling Super Arcade t-shirts at EVO or you can get them via Super Arcade's website. Preorders are up.

♦ Jyosua will be streaming Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R, Persona 4 Arena (up to top 8), and BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma pools. Stream Link.

♦ Tekken will have it's own salty suites called Tekken Casino. Only money matches will be streamed. Stream Link.

♦ Smash will have a side stream for matches not shown on main streams and various other Smash related happenings. Stream Link.

♦ Art and Team Pie will be running a Salty Suites for Ultra SFIV. Day and time to be determined. Stream Link.


Mrs. Harvey

♡ To the FGC Illuminati who always watches over us and makes sure we don't do bad things like raffles and go Esport.

♡ To the people helping run EVO, anything and everything leading up to it.

♡ To all the sponsors supporting this community and putting their dineros into the event.

♡ To all the players and people attending.

♡ To everybody who gives a crap about the community.
Much exite.

Wanna see a double win from Justin Wong (Killer Instinct and Marvel) and someone who is not from Japan to win SF4 for the third straight year. Preferably a North American or European player this time.


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Cool thread kadey!

Im helping out with the stream production so im kinda hype. :3
I'm not even sure why I get hype for Evo at this point since I don't even play anything... but then I realize I'm just being a sourpuss for no good reason. LET'S GO!!!

I'll be there. Come yell at me during the BBCP bracket or with the poverty anime game side tournaments in the BYOC area (where we can only afford to give away doujins and dakimakuras).


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I thought EVO banned that practice after KoFXIII did it and artificially inflated the entrants with people who didn't even show up to play their matches.
That's what I thought too.

they just recently announced the t-shirt. They would have more entrants if they announced the t-shirt at the beginning.
True, but then you'd most likely reach the issue that was stated earlier.

That's probably why they announced AFTER registration was closed, lol.
Ah, well there you go!
I'm up for watching Ultra, Smash, KoF, and that Yatagarasu preview. Might also watch some BB and whatever else.

Hopefully I get the time.


Slayer of Combofiends
I probably won't be the only one who pulls off an all nighter/sleeps for only 5 hours to watch EVO GFs for a couple of games come this week Sunday.
Great OT Kadey!

I'm super excited for my second Evo. Hope I get to meet more GAFfers this year and hope I can make it out of my Marvel pool and go at least 1-2 in USF4!

Good luck to all other GAFfers, and any FGC-GAFfers who want to get in some games, either PM me or tweet me and hit me up and everything should be good!
My schedule for EVO:

Friday: buy shit I don't need early, cheer/sidebet for my SF homies @ pools, spend too much time at the Aksys booth playing GGXrd and P4U2, go help out a buddy record his marriage proposal to his girl, get drunk.

Saturday: watch/sidebet UMVC3 pools, bop everyone in my pool until Scrubeks, don't go 0-3 against scrubeks, try to at least get out on losers side, casuals, MM against Honzo, get STUPID drunk.

Sunday: get chairs with the crew, plan the day out, go watch WC finals, try to watch at least the top 4 for Smash, kill my lungs during UMVC3/AE finals, get IDIOT drunk.
Great OT. I'm hyped that I'm going this year. I finally get to cross this off my bucket list.

Will there be an EVO meet up thread or just use this one?
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