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Rumor Clickbait EXCLUSIVE: New Batman Game A REBOOT; Coming Fall 2020


Dec 13, 2008
I've been hoping that the Arkhamverse would eventually expand into a full-blown DC universe continuity but they can't even keep all of the Batman titles consistent.
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Mar 5, 2011
Not surprised. Warner has always been out of touch with the gaming market. The Arkham games were a cash cow that they just let run away from them. In an similar approach they are having now with their movie universe, they just shoot aimlessly in any direction trying to see what's going to stick.
Not that Marvel is doing any better: an output of games even smaller than the one EA has for the Star Wars games.
But Warner was close to overtake the sand-box market from Ubisoft with games like Mordor and Arkham. Now they keep loosing ground: god only knows what sorts of out of this world micro-transactions they are going to come up this time. I'm dead sure they kept throwing away designs because they were trying to fit some shitty nemesis-system ridden microtransations scheme into a new Batman game, since switching to Damian sounds so random.
Maybe they were trying to get rid of the Batman doesn't kill meme, in order to move on a random generated nemesis system. It would make sense coming from the Origins multiplayer and its FANTASTIC character customization. Just look at the design variety of joker thugs in the Batwoman DLC, compared to the generic brown/gray enemies in Arkham Knight.
My impression is that a lot of their choices in the gaming market are dependent on the hit or miss of their cinematic universe. I mean, no Batman game in the last five years hurts. But no Superman game for the last fifteen?


Feb 22, 2020
Hey I'm the writer of the article. We mostly get scoops on film/tv stuff, but we happened to be in contact with the right people on this one and can confirm it's 100% legit. If you want any verification, just check out our past scoops.

Also, can a mod PM me?


Neo Member
Feb 18, 2020
Please just make BatTank battles optional, not forces us to play through those. They were just not fun at all in Arkham Knight.


Oct 20, 2015

I think the story that was needed to tell was pretty much wrapped up with Arkham Knight with Rocksteady’s trilogy.

I don’t mind them treating the Batman games the same way they do the films.

I love the first two Keaton movies. The Nolan trilogy is its awesome interpretation. Batman can do that and always be exciting. And to be honest, as far as Batman fandom goes, the Arkham games are just as awesome as those movies were for me. In ways I enjoy them even more

The only thing I don’t like from these rumors is that it’ll be part of some shared universe. Batman will forever be best as its own self-contained thing.

As much I shit on super hero movies and don’t care for them... I will always be there for Batman day one. The GOAT.

Damian Wayne.... L O fucking L
I'm the same. It's Batman for me in the DCU. Wolverine in the Marvel U. Have no care for the rest.

Scotty W

Sep 29, 2019
I don't really mean looking like a cartoon though, just realistic but in a 1940s styled world.
That was the kind of aesthetic they were going for with the cartoon. A sort of noir world where the time loosely hovers in different eras of the 20th century. They got this idea from the Tim Burton movies.
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Jan 12, 2018
Lack of ideas.
The end of Arkham Knight made a sequel improbable if not outright impossible. They could have made a "safe" sequel with all Batman's allies fighting together (with multiple playable characters because the groundwork was already done) just to cash in on the franchise, but it's been 5 years now & Arkham Knight's story (& end) is probably not entirely relevant anymore. I'm okay with a reboot as long as they keep the best elements from Arkham Knight.
Nov 4, 2018

Sources close to GWW have confirmed that WB Montreal’s new Batman game is a “soft reboot” of the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham franchise.

This will come as a shock to some who were hoping to see a continuation of the popular franchise. A sequel to Arkham Knight was considered early on, with Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian, taking over the cape and cowl. This was was cancelled before WB Montreal got a chance to announce it at The Game Awards in 2016. What followed was a string of different ideas and management shifts before the studio decided to settle on a fresh start, away from the Arkhamverse.

The new Batman game will kick off a new, somewhat cohesive DC Game Universe. Shortly after it’s release this Fall, it will be followed up by a next-gen DC game from the creators of the Batman: Arkham franchise, Rocksteady Studios. The roadmap from there is foggy; sources have said that a next-gen Superman game (NOT ROCKSTEADY) is also in the works at WB, but nothing confirmed yet.

Details on the story, plot, and gameplay are being kept tightly under wraps. We know that it will feature a playable Batfamily, the infamous Court of Owls, and have the introduction of co-op into the franchise.
I really hope its retrofutiristic. enough future/present batman stuff