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Facebook has acquired Oculus VR for 2 Billion US Dollars


I always figured once VR was done right it was be ridiculous to have it be specifically for gaming. I guess FB felt the same way and decided to become a part of it.

What I've learned reading this thread is that there seems to be people who wanted VR to be specifically for gaming. Somehow, that idea never even crossed my mind. What VR can do for things like immersion in game worlds is undoubtedly incredible to ponder, but it's also amazing to imagine what VR can do for things like social media and online education.


This is good news for VR.

Yeah...no. I know you're getting hammered, but you're swinging too far back the other way. Too much optimism.



Now I'm wondering what changes to expect.

A company that runs a social network that gets it's revenue from marketing and ads owns it.

I'll give you a few guesses to what to expect.

Gaming will probably be apart of it somehow but not in the spotlight anymore imo
I'm just a little confused how this fits into their vision.

Everyone was under the impression Facebook was after the mobile market. Some might even associate them with mobile already. VR in it's current incarnation is a very stationary design, which puts it next to desktop PCs and consoles, both shrinking markets.


Just woke up and saw this news in the morning.
What a WAY to wake up. Shit really happened. I hope it bodes well for the technology, and facebook would developed not just for social media thingy.


I expect it to result in a substantial change in focus, priorities, methodology and so on.
As someone else put it for me:

How can you not realize this, I don't know.

Ah-huh. And Facebook is going to require a bunch of software and hardware engineers to start working on advertising models, instead of the product they just bought. Because Facebook has no other way to hire a few dozen engineers for anything less than the price of $2 billion.

Facebook is a games platform (among other things). Occulus is a games platform (among other things). Facebook made it's billions off of it's ability to recruit widespread developer support, which is currently the ONE and ONLY thing Occulus needs

A lot of your positives are purely speculative and overly rosy. Selling the hardware at a massive loss - what fantasy land is this?

What can we actually say about Facebook, for certain?

They're a company that's core business model is to collect information about you and work with advertisers to serve you adverts based on that information. That's literally what they're all about. It would be extremely naive to think that this won't negatively impact (in terms of 'pure gamer focs) the direction that the Occulus Right is going in. The fact that you don't list this as a negative is pretty mind-boggling.

Now, it's certainly true that Facebook could, and presumably is, interested in doing a whole lot more than showing you adverts but their focus is, almost b ythe definition of who they are, going to be focused on appealing to hundred of millions of people, not hardcore gamers.

The focus of the Occulus was never exclusively on "hardcore" gamers.

Speaking of the "fantasy" of Facebook giving away it's products at a massive loss, you realize their main consumer product is given away for free, right?


Why is everyone freaking out? What does this change other than Oculus now has a ton of capital for R&D and marketing their product to the world?

Is Facebook notorious for tampering with the successful companies they've acquired? Did they mess up Instagram?

Honest questions here, I haven't closely followed tech news for a while.
Ahhhh, Facebook account permanently deleted (I hope so at least, NSA lulz!!!) Feels good. I have honestly been looking for a reason to do this for a while. Maybe my wife gets tired of it, a few close funny friends stop posting. But this seems as good as reason as any. I feel incredibly defeated. I put both my money (kickstarter) and hopes (not buying a next gen console or updrading PC until owning OR hardware) on what OR had to bring to the future of gaming. Now we have to deal with the umbrella of Facebook which has universally shit on everything it acquires. Fuck off and so long.
Facebook wants VR to be a consumer-wide accessible product. That is great for the future of VR as a medium that matters but I personally cannot fathom how that vision can fit within the confines of the original OR vision [Hardware-wise].

The average consumer isn't going to have a powerful computer to push VR hardware to appropriate levels so I have no idea how you go about making a VR product that is accessible to consumers at a widespread level unless you limit your scope. Not to mention that the cost of the hardware would also be an important aspect considering what your average consumer is likely willing to spend on what many would view as a peripheral

I hope Oculus can maintain their initial vision and deliver the product that gamers have come to expect but I think there are plenty of logical reasons to worry about the future of OR from a PC gaming perspective

The focus of the Occulus was never exclusively on "hardcore" gamers.

Speaking of the "fantasy" of Facebook giving away it's products at a massive loss, you realize their main consumer product is given away for free, right?

You realize facebook is a service not a product right? And that monetization occurs mostly through ads? Thus by your logic we should expect free to low cost hardware and heavy ads? Or what?


Cross-posting this from the OT thread:

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about what a business acquisition is going on here. I'm assuming when it says that Facebook is acquiring Oculus, it means Facebook will be holding a majority share of Oculus. When you say "oh, wow, they're rich now, good job", you don't really get what this is about. Why would the bleeding VR hearts and the guys with proper passion for VR sell their share now, and go "oh, fuck you all, I have money now!" and drop their life-long vision of creating VR?

Very little is said on how this acquisition will take place. If it's a complete take-over, I'd be really surprised. It would mean that the share of Oculus people owned would be converted to Facebook stocks. Thinking that Facebook has anywhere near as huge of an upside as Oculus does is ludicrous. However, this is not Facebook buying out the people that are working there. This is a huge resource infusion for the company. The 2 billion dollars does not go to the stakeholders in more than exactly what is was before, as a part of the company. If you wish to sell your part of your company, that's your prerogative, but you don't get to keep your part and get money at the same time. The resources then go into the company, and will now give Oculus probably 50 times more resources to fiddle with. They will be able to move into a proper production facility, drive the costs down by a huge amount, and get more people the consumer version a lot faster. We won't have to sit around for months waiting for our kits to arrive, like we did with DK1 and now DK2.

This is a huge opportunity for Oculus. They can essentially focus on exactly what they wish their vision to be, and not have to struggle to make ends meet. Facebook will likely push to get a big, new team going to push for social media advances with VR. Perhaps some new interactive VR world? I don't know what Zuckerberg envisions. But the core team can do whatever they want. Facebook knows that they can't just come in and shift the focus of the existing team. However, they're free to put a new team next to that that works on utilizing the VR. That has nothing to do with building the tech, which will remain its own team, which will continue doing exactly what it does, only more effectively. Especially and at least in terms of production. The amount of R&D they're at liberty to do, now, the ways they can make the unit more affordable to the consumer. All of this is a huge advent of VR. This will push what you're all oozing in your pants to get your hands on; a proper, integrated VR experience with all the haptic feedback and stuff you've only dreamed would one day be a part of this.

And now that Facebook enables that, you all go "preorder cancelled"? That's not what's going on.

Too many will ignore this, but you are absolutely right.
They were already taking way too long to release the damn thing. Now everyone from Facebook will want their hands in the pie to make it a "social experience" and mine as much data from users as they can.

It's going to do nothing but dilute the product and draw it away from its focus.


Hey maybe facebook will acquire the xbox division next. Never know.

In all seriousness, I wonder if it was even possible to see this coming. So left field.


A reminder that Facebook is almost entirely an advertising platform and that is unlikely to change.

The fastest growing area? Mobile ads.

Ads... Now even closer to your retina.

Can you imagine playing a game like Fallout and a floating ad window is hovering just barely outside your peripheral vision? And when you look over to see wtf it is via head tracking, it immediately takes you to an app store to purchase coin for Bejeweled Blitz or Candy Crush?

It will be glorious!





Valve ran me through a series of 15 short little demos. None of them were even remotely close to a “game”, and existed mostly as visual experiences. I’ll try to recall as many as I can.

- The first demo stuck me in a simple room, whose walls were textured with financial data for Facebook from some website. An odd choice, yeah.

it all makes sense now

I remember that now, lol


thanks for the laugh
Seeing asshat comments like this makes me lose any sympathy for what this situation could potentially mean to people like yourself, and makes me laugh instead. Now that (in your opinion) your own little bubble has popped you can't help but take a swipe as Sony. Pathetic.

Still, I'm not really sure what this'll mean for VR. Sure there'll be more money involved in getting the Occulus completed, but surely this will somewhat dilute the initial intentions behind the device.

look man, i'm all for bathing in relativism for the purposes of forum civility, but i bought this GPU on a budget back in 2011 and it's still going toe-to-toe with the PS4. i'd never want to use this dogged old piece of crap to power the requirements of virtual reality.

come 2015 have you got any idea of how far GPU tech will have come? letalone CPU tech, which will surely prove an even more limiting factor for consoles.

if you live your life in some strange console time capsule where tech starts off mediocre then freezes in time for eight years, i guess the morpheus seems like a pretty good option. but for the rest of us who actually want a VR experience which makes the most of available technology, it's a compromise too far.


Yes I'm sure FB will gladly let their 2 Billion dollar Oculus onto non FB games.

Facebook will be the platform you get to use your Oculus games on, not Steam.
Ok, I'm very down on this whole thing, but I think you're overstating it. The initial product at the very least will still be a normal PC accessory with a normal API. Nothing will prevent a Steam game or any other program from using it. Totally without Facebook.

Do you actually think Facebook will sell Oculus Rift as a generic peripheral for PC games?
Yes. As I said, at least CV1.

That sounds bitter.
Yeah, they sound scared. For once I feel with EA.
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