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Farewell 5secondrulesucks


Oct 10, 2012
Alright which one of you fools just bought him gold?
Nothing comes for free. The Fox is a notorious international thief whose be lying low in Latvia these past few years, but the whiff of GAF Gold should be enough to coax him out of retirement for one last job of high stakes shenanigans.

Right now the most valuable commodity known to man is clearly Bell Delphine's Bath Water. The thirst is real and tangible, and we need to capitalise on it. All the Fox needs to do is getting himself to Assfuckinghamshire and meet up with Jon Neu, who can lead him to her Thot Mansion and the Fox using his wiles can secure us at least two full tubs of primo grade A Bath Water which we can sell on the Dark Web for mad cash and trade up into some Dogecoin. before the market truly explodes.