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Fargo - 10-episode limited series on FX - Thorton / Freeman - Premieres April 15

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that was..


martin freeman looks impossibly british but he does manage to pull of the fargo accent in a nicely subtle manner

didn't feel billy bob thornton all too much, he looks like billy bob thornton playing a role

this 7 minute preview doesn't really boost interest, my interest is not far from where it was before watching it


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Pretty good accent!


I hope this is true to the spirit of the film and not just "Twin Peaks: You Betcha."

I watched the original film last night again to warm myself up and this TV series has a lot to live up to.
A couple reviews:

- Forbes: FX's 'Fargo' Is More Than Just A Namesake Cash Grab
There’s no denying the series was green-lit because it was an opportunity to carry the Fargo name, but that didn’t stop Noah Hawley from delivering on the best series he possibly could. Not to mention, the acting is stellar. Thornton and Freeman along with Colin Hanks, Adam Goldberg and Kate Walsh work double-time to bring these characters to life and infuse them with a major dose of personality.
- Detroit News: 'Fargo' loves the common man as much as the uncommon
In a novel spin, “Fargo” the TV show echoes the mood and approach of the Coen brothers’ Oscar-winning film of the same name but offers up a different, more sprawling story. Part of the suddenly popular “limited series” movement in TV, it, too, follows a true crime that takes place in Minnesota but branches out in other directions. And, as with the original, it offers humor both black and broad, characters silly and strong, and bursts of sudden, often surprising violence. Grade: B+

OT will be up tomorrow.


My hopes for the show are though the roof.

One thing that has me nervous is the accents from the previews. They seem all over the place. Also after the downfall of dexter i am nervous about anything with colin hanks in it.


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I'm looking forward to this, but for some reason I get get excited for it. Like, I saw the trailer at the movies today and was like just "eh". I'm sure it will be good tho.
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