Fighting Games Weekly | Mar 2-8 | Capcom does the Monster Nash

Yeah I think is def useful on the ground in certain situations.

I think I lost against the Ibuki because I wasn't antiairing well and got mindfucked from attacking him on wakeup when he finally hit me with wakeup ultra. I assume that people are conditioned when I shouldn't a lot. Also should've been punishing ex upkicks with just regular dp.

Alright just finished watching the grand finals. damn I'm salty for you bruh.

In the first couple matches, you got hit by every wake up DP and an ultra. Dude was like perfect 4/4 with wakeup DP's. You got a punish with j.HP to end off a round and kept going to it when it wasn't working. What you really should be doing to punish Ibuki's ex.DP on block is by charging a lvl2 focus. It'll absorb the kunai then you can let it rip on her recovery.

Also, whenever the Ibuki didn't have meter, he would back dash a lot. If you don't have the OS's down for BD's, try out st.HK. It's really good at catching backdashes because of how long the active frames are. If not, you can make the hard read with the slide.

Another thing, you don't really go for the mk. Lynx tail. Ibuki got away with some backdashes because you went with the lk. lynx tail mostly which is only one hit. In the corner for pressure it's strong because you can almost do a normal immediately normal then go with the mixup, but at the mid range I go for it a lot.. at least until the other player has proven to me that they can punish it.

I have the same problem getting U2 out too with Elena lol, the input priorities on it are still kinda bugged even though they tried to fix it in the last patch. In a grand finals of a little mini tournament I went to like 2 weeks ago, I dropped her U2 after a knockdown like 3 times :/
still won doe

One more thing, when you FADC the hk. Lynx tail you don't go for the max damage you can get IMO. Going straight into x lk. RH then ex. DP is more worth than doing jab x 3 into mk. SS.

You definitely should've won that though, the last match you seemed just really out of it right after you got sucked into the Ibuki vortex. Really tough to go out like that, especially with how many ex.DP's you ate and then ones you didn't punish.

I did learn some things watching you play though, I should probably post some of my Elena matches sometimes and we should trade strats.
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