Fire Emblem Heroes |OT|Natural Selection Simulator

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Got into this again.

Showed before how reinforcements stay on the field in a defense map you retry if you lost.

Mentioned before how the cavalry is on top of another unit.

What's funny is this.

I can move the enemy unit but I can't move the character that was underneath the enemy unit in the top left green square.


don't ask me for codes
Lyn is mai waifu (wish I had Bridal Lyn though) and Bow Cavalier is awesome, so that's an obvious choice. Ike looks good too, so I'll be pulling green, especially since I'm also lacking in green mages (only have Nino and Cecilia).
Lyn seems really good. Hard counter for fliers, horse Emblem, anything else relying on buffs or distant counter. Pretty much all the crutches that prop up teams (or the strategies that people build teams around for a more polite term!)

Having said that, Ike and Lucina look good too. I want them all...
Oh well...
I hate horses units, and meta emblem, i suppose i will hate even more the new meta that will come then.

Why lyn, why you push me even more.. You was supposed to save me..
Well, tried pulling hard for Ike or Hector, but pulled Soren, Celica, and Roy instead. Soren is +ATK and Roy is +SPD, which seems ideal, but Celica is -DEF +RES. I know she really needs +ATK, but are there any good builds built around this sort of spread?
I pulled a 5* Tharja with the free summon on her CYL banner.

Unlocked my current 4* which had better IV for SPD and now I have a +1 with top ATK as well.

Still can't pull the new characters at all, though.
Went in about 100 orbs to get some good stuff

Free: Lyn (Brave)- Neutral

Then I managed to get
- Ike (Brave) +HP, -Spd
- Seliph +Def, -Res

Happy to get Ike, wanted my boy Roy. But Horse Emblem's about to get sniper-ier with my girl Lyn!
I did Lyn because I was getting cold sweats thinking about trying to pull her from white orbs. I pulled Lucina shortly after with some F2P orbs because i wasn't seeing any green orbs.
Hah, decided to spend my 35 orbs on the new banner before pulling my guaranteed unit, since that would mean 2 full pulls including my free summon.

Turns out my free summon was a +spd / -res Brave Lyn. I went ahead and spent all my orbs, mostly got some decent skill fodder, but also happened upon a +spd Nowi.

Not even sure what I'll do with my guaranteed unit yet. Sorely tempted to get a second Brave Lyn anyway, but I think I'll wait and see what else I can summon first.
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