First pics of Banjo-Threeie

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I have no idea what's going on and I want it even though I hated the first two games. I love the rolling skyline pixels, and the depth of field (or whatever it's called) looks beautiful.


Edit: Actually, is that effect just behind the sign to show it's a level off a hub? I hope not, I hate those kinds of things :(


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Why do the "first shots" of a Rare platformer not show any platforming?

Or has that little aspect of BK been removed?
Are these leaked? Thought we wouldn't be seeing them until Tuesday.

Looks awesome though. Razor-sharp colourful graphics. Just what we need after all the grey and brown so far this gen.

The textures though, they're super-crisp. Impressive.


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Looks amazing, but damn, I could never get into the series and have hated everything else Rare has done over the past several years. :\
Wow, My desire for this game went from -100 -> +100 in two screenshots.

Jesus, that art is amazing. Look at the peeling "sticker" on the wall.


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The visuals are pretty nice, but it's hard to really take anything from these shots. Banjos design still looks like shit. Seriously what was wrong with the old one. And yeah people are right, *banjo and LBP have similar art styles*
looks wonderful. hope that its not a vehicle-only game (since they announced banjo threei will be a bit different than previous banjo kazooie games)


(more a nerd than a geek)
Guybrush Threepwood said:
The N64 BK games have very little platforming to begin with.
True... I suppose I should have said something along the lines of "3D polygonal running-about adventure" or something, but you got my intended point...

The pic does give me a weird sort of... well... "updated Diddy Kong Racing" feel... I wonder if the vehicles are a heavy part of gameplay, or just used in certain levels/challenges?
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