Forza Horizon 3 |OT| uozoH zo

This weeks forzathon is an easy 10 minute affair, the Crown Victoria car is a Ford 2010 Crown Victoria for those like me who don't know their cars (had to google it, lol). The car counts as a Retro Muscle car so you can knock out all the events in it.

I did the 3 race championship thing first, which also got me the passes one, then a street race to wrap it up. Used a downloaded skin of a cool cop car with flashing sirens, felt very need for speed-ish racing tricked out cars in my cop car!

Every time I play Forza Horizon 3 it reminds me how disappointing Forza 7 is turning out to be. No car club, no forzathon yet turned out, etc. Hoping I get some visual jaw drops when I run it on the Xbox One X in 3 weeks.
New #Forzathon

#Forzathon Unleashed Potential
Create a Bucket List in a Porsche to win the Porsche 959

 #Forzathon Speed Test
Complete 5 Head-to-Head Races to win 3 Wheelspins & 35,000 XP

 #Forzathon Showing Your Best
Perform 5 Show Off Skills in a Porsche to earn 85,000 XP
#Forzathon Rear Engine Domination
Get 3 Stars on a Speed Trap in a Porsche to receive 120,000 CR
This looks like it will the be the final set of events for Forza Horizon unfortunately.

#Forzathon Venomous Time-limited Challenge
Complete a game of Infected in a SRT Viper GTS to receive 225,000 CR and the Porsche 918 Spyder

#Forzathon Survival Time-limited Challenge
Survive a Public game of Infected to win 3 Wheelspins and the Dodge Dart HE

#Forzathon Infernal Skill Time-limited Challenge Starts in 1 day
Perform 5 Daredevil Skills to receive 120,000 CR

#Forzathon Show Me Time-limited Challenge
Complete a Street Race in the 1958 Plymouth Fury to earn 65,000 XP

I am surprised that Playground never involved any thing from Blizzard Mountain or Hot Wheels in the #Forzathons, maybe it would have split the user-base for people who didn't have any of the expansions.
They really need to change how you browse through the cars for the next game. It's unbelievable it wasn't scraped after Horizon 2. If you wish to purchase a, let's say, Lamborghini Aventador you'll need to go through every car there is in the game up to the letter L and the Lamborghinis. Why not have a vertical list of all the car brands and then the different models when you scroll horizontally? I know there's a filter but if you're not sure what type of class the car you're looking for belongs to it doesn't really help in this case.

A feature where you can park a car in the open world and then go back to the festival to pick up another car to take photos of the two cars together would be welcome as well.
Another thing... At the title screen, if I let the game show off the cars for a minute or two why do I need to wait for the game to load when I finally press A (the only option is to press A to start the game)? I usually switch channels while the publisher/creater titles fly by since they seem to be playing at 200% volume and are unskippable.

You can just skip brands with RB and LB or am I missing something?
I didn't know that. Thank you!