GAF-Hop |OTXVII| I don't really care if /mu/ cry

May 19, 2013
Yeah, it goesss. Not as much as Perfect Timing, though. Metro is missed. Not to say I don't like Southside/London/Wheezy.

That one new Thugga's voice in some songs since BTG is hilarious 😂
May 30, 2010
Is this y'all hyping up another 5/10 project?
No one will be listening to this in an a month or 2 as per most trap albums, but it hits hard and is good for the moment. This shit is making it hard to control my body movements in the office right now! I have a weakness or melodic female vocal samples so the "Patek Water" beat is bliss.

But the real treat today is the new album from Kllo, for people who like airy female vocals with a downtempo garage/2step/electronic vibe.
Mar 1, 2017
While the project doesn't have the memorable lines that spawn 10K+ RT'ed tweets from #BlackTwitter or help the songs garner major airtime on radio stations, the beats hit and the energy that Future and Thug bring to the table are infectious
9/10, can't wait to listen to it a third time
Dec 16, 2014
New earthgang ep is dope as hell and apparently they got a third one coming out soon. They feel like the best conscious rap to come out of ATL in a minute.

And Superslimey is straight heat. fav tracks rn r Three, cruise ship, patek water, and killed before. I like the whole ting overall tho
Jul 16, 2009
Lol, didn't realize. Tbh, I'm not really following him. Tell me if he drops something as good as DTW or works with Metro again.

EDIT: According to Wiki there's only been an album called Mr. Davis since DTW.
I figured there would be a bunch of new stuff since he's been throwing out tapes every other day for a while now.

Yeah Mr. Davis is what I assume AJLma was talking about.
Jul 16, 2009
Is that worth checking out?
Imma be honest, I only jumped into this to make a "16 mixtape" joke and you're putting too much pressure on me right now breh

I haven't listened to it yet :X

- On the other hand I played through Super Slimey a few times yesterday. It's aight. Haven't really been big into the Thug/Future sound this year as it feels like they've plateaued a bit and the production hasn't really been doing enough extraordinary things to keep me engaged. Most of their output has been hot for a few weeks and faded away pretty quick for me since 2016.

- That new Nacho Picasso project is underwhelming. A few interesting beats, but overall kinda bleh.

But the real treat today is the new album from Kllo, for people who like airy female vocals with a downtempo garage/2step/electronic vibe.
This is my weakness though, so thank you for the rec.


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Jun 7, 2009
Yeah, Super Slimey is alright. I think Future ends up doing most of the heavy lifting.

Patek Water
Feed Me Dope
Drip On Me

200, 4 da Gang and Mink Flow are cool too.

Not just going into it, but coming out of it too, you really do hear the absence of Metro, and it would have helped replace some of the more lackluster songs and productions on here, I'm certain.

Maybe this will get better with more listens, but I don't see this aging well overall.